A leading freeze drying machines manufacturer in China, from lab pilot to industrial production freeze dryers.

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Vikumer is a freeze dryer machines manufacture in China. Passion for commercial and industrial freeze drying solutions, we offer full range of lyophilization equipment producing daily from 5kgs up to 3000kgs. Apply to research institute, laboratory, food, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, instant coffee etc.


We offer worry-free services, help our customer make budget, design and produce the right freeze drying machine, sea shipping to your country, install and worker training. You are safe with us and rest assured economic freeze dryer cost, economic freeze drying cost!


We see ourselves not only as a solution provider in the field of freeze drying, but also as a competent planning partner for your projects!


Products and Applications

Freeze dryers that apply to a wide variety of industries, include research center, laboratory, food, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, instant coffee etc.

Knowledges of Freeze Dry


Lyophilization or freeze drying is a low temperature dehydration method, the fundamental principle of freeze drying is sublimation. The process begins with freezing raw material to its freezing point or below, move to a chamber and creat vacuum environment, proper add heat to chamber enable the frozen water sublimate to vapor.


Working Process:

Freezing stage: Raw product thoroughly freezing, can be done inside a freeze dryer lyophilizer or in external freezer.

Primary drying stage: Frozen product placed in drying chamber, vacuum environment is created and sublimation starts. > 95% physical water was removed.

Secondary drying stage: Higher shelf temp. and extreme vacuum environment is created to remove the bound water. <3% water remaining after drying finish.

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