Industrial Food Freeze Dryers

Large Capacity Food Freeze Drying Plant

The Vikumer FDR freeze dryers are large food freeze drying plants that fit industrial large volume production. Designed to process fruits, soup, vegetables, seafood and prepared meals. Rapid drying cycle and economic running cost.

We deeply know, when freeze drying rise to industrial production stage, your freeze drying plants have to be dependable to support the good running of your business. And they should energy saving, to reduce your production cost. Vikumer uses its knowledges in the field and designed FDR freeze dryers. With tens of installations, our equipment has been proved works extremely well on all food freeze dried industries.

Technical Specifications

Model FD-50R FD-100R FD-200R
Nominated Capacity 500Kgs/Batch 1000Kgs/Batch 2000Kgs/Batch
Shelf Area 50.8m2 101m2 204m2
No. of Shelves 17+1 17+1 17+1
Shelf Size 570*2850mm 570*5610mm 630*5100mm
Shelf Modules 2 2 4
Trays 136pcs 272pcs 476pcs
Tray Size 550*680mm 550*680mm 610*710mm
Shelf Temp. Range RT~+100C RT~+100C RT~+100C
Condenser Capacity 500Kgs/24Hrs 1000Kgs/24Hrs 2000Kgs/24Hrs
Condenser Temp. -45C -45C -45C
Vacuum Final 15Pa 15Pa 15Pa
Power Install 125Kw 200Kw 400Kw
Electric 380V/50Hz/3P 380V/50Hz/3P 380V/50Hz/3P
Footprint (W*L) (m) 15*12 15*15 15*25

Technical Features

Design of the FDR dryers are completely modular. All its sub-systems are individual modules, and are independent install besides drying chamber. Easy to transport, install and maintain. Vikumer offer turn-key service for all FDR freeze dryers. Ship to your nearest seaport and charge install and commissioning.

  • FDR Series Industrial Food Freeze Dryer
  • FDR Series Industrial Food Freeze Dryer
  • FDR Series Industrial Food Freeze Dryer
  • FDR Series Industrial Food Freeze Dryer


  • Brochure FDR EN V33019A4.pdf

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