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Industrial Food Freeze Dryers

FDR Freeze Dryers

The Vikumer FDR freeze drying machines are large industrial freeze dryer plants. To process fruits and vegetables, where factory mass production is needed. Designed especially care rapid drying cycle and economic running cost.

We deeply know, when freeze drying rise to mass production stage, your freeze drying plants have to be dependable to support the good running of your business. And they should energy saving, to reduce your production cost. Vikumer uses its knowledges in the field and designed FDR freeze dryers. With hundreds of installations, we proved our values. The equipment works extremly well on all industries include food, fruit, pet food, vegetables, soups and prepared meals.

FDR Industrial Food Freeze Drying Machine
Industrial Large Food Freeze Drying Machines

Large-scale Freeze Dryers

The Vikumer FDR are industry freeze dry plant, raw material loading capacity up 3000kgs.

As per your production needs, the FDR food freeze dryer can be paralleled. For example, 2 x FD-200R, 3 x FD-200R etc.

50.8m2 Trays Area, 1000Kgs Condenser
2 modules shelves contain 18+1 plates each, Total 50.8m2. Vapor collect capacity 500Kgs in 24hrs period, 1000Kgs Max.
101m2 Trays Area, 2000Kgs Condenser
2 modules shelves contain 18+1 plates each, Total 101m2. Vapor collect capacity 1000Kgs in 24hrs period, 2000Kgs Max.
204m2 Trays Area, 4000Kgs Condenser
4 modules shelves contain 18+1 plates each, Total 204m2. Vapor collect capacity 2000Kgs in 24hrs period, 4000Kgs Max.

Modular Design

Offer Tons of Benefits

Each sub-system as an individual module, for production, shipment, installation and maintenance. They are linked together by a PC based controller, automatic on or off as per freeze drying needs. The modular design also retains the upgrade possibility in future.

FDR Food Freeze Drying Machines are Modular Design
FDR Food Freeze Drying Machines Built As Per Requirements

Build As Per Requirement

Our solutions create consider both your space reserve and the convenience, to dock with your previous (raw material pretreatment) and after (dried material harvest and packing) lines. And offers maximum productivity and efficiency.

Profitable Production

Freeze dried fruit/food manufacturers seek profitable production, high quality freeze drying with minimum energy cost. Vikumer FDR plant proudly can meet your such desire. Whatever the fields or industries you are in, there is a solution from us.

Vikumer FDR Food Freeze Dryer Reduce Your Production Cost
Turnkey Service Freeze Dryer

Turn-key Service

Vikumer design, produce, sea shipping to your nearest seaport, and charge installation and worker training.

Machine Layout and Working Process

FDR Freeze Dry Plant Layout

Step 1, Material, Trays and Trolleys loading.

Step 2, Material quick Freezing in IQF.

Step 3, Vacuum Freeze Drying.

Step 4, Dried material harvest, trays and material unloading.

Step 5, Material trays cleaning, Condenser defrosting.

Step 6, Prepare another batch.