About us

Found in 2000, Vikumer is a freeze dryer manufacturer locate in North China, an innovation leader in the development of freeze dryers and lyophilizers, and is the one who have ability to design and produce full range of freeze drying equipment from lab to production.

Focus on Freeze Dryer

Freeze dryer and lyophilizer is our only item. Based on our 22 years experience in the industry, we have developed several series of freeze drying equipment, from small lab research units to commercial and industrial large production freeze dryers. Which can be applied to nearly every industry, such as biological, pharmaceutical, chemical and food as well as laboratory research.

Vikumer fully respect its customers, we treat each customer as our only customer. Our freeze drying solutions offered have been thoughtfully considered to meet your current demand, as well as future needs, and are on the long-term benefits basis.

With hundreds of projects involved, Vikumer accumulate rich experiences in almost all fields. Which means we are able to provide application support and, offer proven solution which ensures the right balance between configurtion, delivery time, cost and maintenance.

The company has a clear goal, that is, to help its customers get stunning freeze dried products at minimum cost!

Factory Scale


4 production plant, total 12000m2, Indoor produce.


130+ full time employees, 20+ experienced engineers.


ISO9001, CE, GB150, comply with guidelines of cGMP, cGLP and FDA.


Try its best to minimum the impact to environment, which is inevitable.

Production Capability

Vikumer offers standard factory models, as well as custom made freeze dryers, which are fully meet user’s requirement specifications. The range from small lab R&D units to commercial production plants.

Most of our machines are modularly designed, flexible configuration, easy install and maintain. >80% of the parts are international standard, easily get in local market for replace. And are designed and built under strictest international standards and comply with related guidelines like CE, GMP, FDA.

As well, we are a well-known OEM and ODM manufacturer in China, have been cooperated with many world brands. Provide customized equipment and technical support.

Vikumer Factory Corner 1
Vikumer Factory Corner 2
Vikumer Workshop 1
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