Single Chamber Freeze Dryer

Economic Freeze Dryer with Single Chamber System

The Vikumer single chamber freeze dryers are general purpose lyophilizers, small footprint, economic price and particularly suitable for freeze drying bulk materials in commercial and industrial fields. One remarkable feature of the FDL-C freeze dryer machine is the internal ice condenser, condensing coils are exposed directly beneath shelves. This structure has been proved highest vapor collect efficiency than traditional ones, which means less electric consumption and low running cost.

  • Shelves Area: 2.52~8.4m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 40~120Kgs

  • Condenser Temperature: -75C

Single Chamber Freeze Dry System

Technical Parameters

Model 2LC 3LC 5LC 8LC
Shelves Area 2.52m2 3.78m2 5.6m2 8.4m2
Shelves No. 7+1 7+1 7+1 7+1
Shelves Size 600*600mm 600*900mm 800*1000mm 1000*1200mm
Shelves Spacing 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm
Condenser Temp. -75C -75C -75C -75C
Condenser Capacity 20Kgs/24Hrs 30Kgs/24Hrs 50Kgs/24Hrs 80Kgs/24Hrs
Condenser Max 40Kgs 60Kgs 80Kgs 120Kgs
Final Vacuum <3Pa <3Pa <3Pa <3Pa
Power 12Kw 18Kw 26Kw 38Kw
Footprint (W*D) 1300*2000mm 1300*2500mm 1300*2500mm 1300*2500mm

Accessories and Options

  • Rectangular shape.
  • Cylindrical shape.
  • S/S304 material.
  • S/S316L material.
  • PUF insulation.
  • Sandwich type shelves.
  • Heating and chilling shelves.
  • Shelves heating only.
  • S/S304 material.
  • S/S316L material.
  • Condensing coils beneath shelves.
  • Condensing coils (left and right) beside shelves.
  • S/S304 material.
  • S/S316L material.
  • Oil sealed vacuum pump.
  • Oil free vacuum pump.
  • Redundancy vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum adjustable.
  • Motorized vacuum break valve.
  • Semi-hermetic compressor.
  • Cascade compressor.
  • Air cooling.
  • Water cooling.
  • PID control.
  • Electric heating.
  • Shelves max +80C.
  • Safety heating and protection parameters set.
  • PLC based system.
  • Control via HMI.
  • Control by PC software.
  • SCADA package.
  • 21CFR PART11 compliance system.
  • PT-100 temperature probes.
  • Pirani vacuum gauge.
  • Capacitive vacuum gauge.
  • Additional probes for products.
  • Pneumatic valves for air and water isolate:
  • Pneumatic valves for vacuum pump isolate, vacuum break.
  • Pneumatic valves for condenser defrost water supply and discharge.
  • CIP, clean in place.
  • SIP, steam in place.
  • Clean room config.
  • Validation and document package.