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FD-50R Freeze Dryer

The Vikumer FD-50R is our first industrial food freeze dryer, ensures industry heavy use and rapid batch duration. There are 2 modules of shelves, mirror install in drying chamber, products and trays loading/unloading is by overhead monorail system. Designing of the freeze drying plant is by modular, all sub-systems individual install besides drying chamber, easy transport, install and maintain.


Useable trays area.


Ice condenser capacity.

FD-50R Food Freeze Dryer
FD-50R Food Freeze Dryer


Trays Area 50.8m2
Shelves Temp. RT to +100C
Ice Condenser -45C, 500Kgs/24Hrs.
Final Vacuum <15Pa
Install Area 15000*12000*4500mm
Power 125Kw

Main Features

Automatic Drying

ControllerPLC based and touch screen.

Modular System

Easy install, shipping and maintain.

Monorail System

For product and trays loading unloading.

Turn-Key Service

Commissioning, Installing and worker training.

Free Consult

Create solutions, Design Lyophilization Plant.

Technical Details

FDR Industrial Food Freeze Dryer Shelves Arrangement

Designing Applications

The Vikumer FDR large fruit freeze dried machines suit industry large freeze drying purpose. Batch production capacity up to 3000kgs and can be addressed to all food area.

These systems aim to help freeze dried food manufacturer get quality assured products at economical production cost. With tons of improvement, the new FDR system benefits you a lot.

Machinery Structure

Modular Structure

All the sub-systems are presented individual modules, proper install surround drying chamber. The pipes that use to connect modules are overhead hang or hide in ground grooves, make your factory tidy and no influence future maintenance.


The ice condenser is located in rear side of drying chamber, stainless steel 304 fabricated. And the condenser chamber is fully insulated.

Monorail System

FDR freeze dry machine use trolleys for quick loading/unloading. The trolleys are hanged on overhead monorails, flexible move in workshop, between raw material pre-treatment line and packing plant.

Drying Chamber and Door

Cylindrical drying chamber, stainless steel 304 made, fully insulated for better energy efficiency. Door hang on a steel monorail, slide open or close. Middle of door and side of chamber have viewing ports and illuminators.

Shelves and Trays

The heat-shelf-modules are side-by-side installed inside drying chamber. A narrow path is reserved between shelf modules, to allow material trolleys slide in and future maintenance.

The shelves and material trays are aluminum alloy made, material trolley is stainless steel made.

System Specifications

Vacuum System

The FDR freeze dryer is quite big size, for quick pressure reduce of drying chamber, to meet the demand of sublimation needs. The FDR plant use various sets vacuum pumps: Large oil sealed pumps and high-power roots pumps combination.

Isolation valves which installed on vacuum pipe can automatic close once an electric interrupt detected. To maintain the drying chamber vacuum environment, and prevent pump oil back streaming.

Refrigeration System

Water cooled, screw compressors, optimal system. Stably deliver chilling energy to condenser in sublimation stage. Effectively condensing vapors.

Fluid Transfer System

The FDR freeze dryer machines use radiative heating technology. Heated water circulates inside sandwich type plates, to supply sublimation energy. The water is heated by steam, and a plate heat exchanger is use to distribute temperature evenly.

Controller and Measuring Apparatus

Temperature Sensors

PT100A probes for fluid, shelves, products and condenser coils temperature measure and control.

Vacuum Gauges

Pirani type vacuum gauges for drying chamber pressure measurement.


Based onPC, PLC and user friendly HMI. which have the functions of:

  • Graphic displays vacuum freeze dryer working status.
  • Freeze drying recipes management.
  • Real-time freeze drying curve.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working.
  • Alarms information and failure check.
  • Data download.

All the valves that use to isolate air and water, swing arms for monorail track change etc. are pneumatically operated, which include:

  • Vacuum pumps isolate.
  • Vacuum degree adjust.
  • Vacuum break.
  • Condenser defrost water supply.
  • Condenser defrost water draining.
  • Monorail track change.

Technical Support


User manual, Electric diagram, Fluid circulate/Refrigeration system/Vacuum system/Pneumatic system flow chart, IQ, O/PQ, Maintain guide etc. will send together with freeze drying plant.

Lifetime Spare Parts Provide

During FDR freeze dry plant whole life, Vikumer ensure you can get after sales parts, fix your system and continue the lyophilization.

Contract Service

Turn-key service offered, from commissioning to shipping, installing and worker training.

Worker Training and Operation Assist

Email, phone call, video or on site help you understand vacuum freeze drying, and how the machine is working.

Guarantee you can handle the operation breezily, optimize drying steps and quick resolve problems once failures happen.