Laboratory & Pilot Freeze Dryers

Lab Research To Pilot Production

Laboratory research and pilot production are necessary works in the freeze drying product development. At this stage, product characteristics research, drying cycle development and process optimization are essential steps to ensure the standardization of procedures and good documentation practices in upcoming commercial production.

In another word, lab R+D process directly influence your products development schedule. That’s why it is extremely important to make sure that you choose the right freeze dryer for your laboratory.

Solutions For All Industries & Capacities

Vikumer’s laboratory freeze dryers range in capacity from 3kgs to 30kgs, they offer a high degree of flexibility in the choice of equipment e.g. benchtop units for lab basic research, pilot production machines for advanced R+D and small scale trial production. The wide range of products ensures that no matter what industry you are in, there is a machine for it. Our lab-scale lyophilizers help your product development and technology transfer breezily.

Our laboratory freeze drying units have been designed to meet the strictest international standards and cGLP principles. They are compact size, robust technical features and outstanding system performances. Guarantee your success freeze drying and data acquisition.

Laboratory Benchtop Freeze Dryer LGJ-10

The LGJ-10 laboratory freeze dryer features benchtop which is compact size. The machine is versatile enough to handle a range of laboratory R&D activities and meet daily lyophilization demand.

Laboratory Freestanding Freeze Dryer LGJ-20

The LGJ-20 laboratory freeze dryer is freestanding type that capable of install a wide range of accessories to expand its functions, such as heated shelves, vacuum control, eutectic point detector etc.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-10

The BFD-10 freeze dryer is designed for advanced research institutes and professional laboratories, to perform lab R+D, scale-up, clinical trials and small volume production. Shelf area up to 0.94m2, condenser capacity 15Kgs/24Hrs, perfect as a laboratory freeze dryer or a pilot production unit.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-20

The BFD-20 pilot plant freeze dryer suits commercial small-scale production. Fits various industries and available in shelf area from 1.2m2 to 2.8m2, vapor collect condenser capacity 30Kgs/24Hrs.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-5

The BFD-5 laboratory freeze dryer is ideal for freeze drying recipe development and process optimization. This lyophilizer features floor type with minimum footprint. Offers shelf area up to 0.43m2, condenser capacity 5Kgs/24Hrs.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-2

An extremely compact benchtop unit with high control performance, the BFD-2 laboratory freeze dryer is designed specially for lab R&D and cycle development. The PLC based control system enable operator accurately control freeze drying processes and are recorded. Offers shelf area up to 0.32m2, condenser capacity 3Kgs/24Hrs.