Laboratory Freeze Dryers

The Vikumer laboratory freeze dryers are designed to meet freeze drying demands of research and development laboratories.
Product range covers from small tabletop unit to larger scale-up and pilot production plant.


Research centers need right laboratory freeze dryers to support the smooth progress of their experiment. Vikumer developed several series of freeze dry systems, to meet their freeze drying demand in lab research, scale-up and pilot production.

From very beginning of lab basic research, to process optimization and documentation practices, to small diagnostics production. The Vikumer lab-scale lyophilizers help your product research and technology transfer breezily.

The Vikumer laboratory freeze drying units have been designed to meet the strictest international standards and cGLP principles. Compact size, robuste technical features and incorporate with outstanding system performances. Guarantee your success freeze drying and data acquire.

Lab Freeze Dryer Series

There are 4 series in Vikumer lab scale freeze dryer category: LGJ-10 benchtop, LGJ-20 basic research, BFD-10 advanced research and scale up, BFD-20 pilot production.

LGJ-10 Series Laboratory Freeze Dryer

LGJ-10 Series

Lab Basic Research Benchtop Freeze Dryer

The Vikumer LGJ-10 is a small benchtop freeze dryer, designed to handle the basic lyophilization needs of research laboratories. Offers ice condenser capacity up to 4L and -80C.

  • Features: Benchtop, Lab Basic Research.

  • Drying Chamber: Tray, Stoppering, Manifold, Flask, Ampoule.

  • Condenser Capacity: 3~4Kgs

  • Condenser Temperature: -55C/-80C

LGJ-20 Series

Lab Basic Research Freeze Dryer

The Vikumer LGJ-20 freeze dryer is floor type, offers condenser temperature -55C, -80C and -120C. It can handle low eutectic point materials. Thus, widely install in drugs and chemical R&D research centers.

  • Features: Floor Model, Lab Basic Research.

  • Drying Chamber: Tray, Stoppering, Manifold, Flask, Ampoule.

  • Condenser Capacity: 3~6Kgs

  • Condenser Temperature: -55C/-80C/120C

LGJ-20 Series Laboratory Freeze Dryer
BFD-10 Series Laboratory Freeze Dryer

BFD-10 Series

Lab Advanced Research & Scale-up Freeze Dryer

The BFD-10 freeze dryers are professional lab units with high control performance. Allow operator precise control entire freeze drying process, automatic running and monitoring the system working status. Which is ideal for R+D and scale-up purpose. Offer up to 1m2 trays area and 20Kgs condenser.

  • Features: Lab Advanced Research, Scale-Up.

  • Benefits: In-place Freeze Drying, Temp.&Vacuum Control, Meet cGLP.

  • Shelves Area: 0.47~0.94m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 10Kgs/24Hrs
  • Condenser Temperature: -85C

BFD-10 Benchtop Series

Laboratory Benchtop Freeze Dryer

The BFD-10B is an extremely compact benchtop laboratory freeze dryer with high control performance. Shelves can be heated and chilled, vacuum flexibly adjust. Automatic freeze drying and high freeze dried quality on constantly basis. This machine gently dry your valuable samples and guarantee its quality.

  • Features: Portable Benchtop Design, Fit any Lab Drying Tasks and Freeze Drying Cycle Development or Optimization.
  • Benefits: Heating and Chilling Shelves, Vacuum Adjustable, LYO-PILOT Controller.
  • Shelves Area: 0.1~0.32m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 3Kgs/24Hrs

  • Condenser Temperature: -75C

BFD-10B Laboratory Benchtop Freeze Dryer
BFD-10 Series Laboratory Freeze Dryer

BFD-10Plus Series

Lab-scale Small Production Freeze Dryer

The BFD-10Plus lyophilizer is a lab-scale production freeze dryer. Designed for research laboratories, for small production. This machine is compact size and economic price. As well as it has all the functions that investigators need. Available shelf area up to 1.6m2 trays area and 40Kgs ice condenser.

  • Features: Small Production, Scale-Up, Pilot Production.
  • Benefits: Compact Size, Commercial Level Control System and Technical Features.
  • Shelves Area: 1.08~1.62m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 20Kgs/24Hrs

  • Condenser Temperature: -85C

BFD-20 Series

Small Volume Trial Production Freeze Dryer

Pilot production plant BFD-20 is ideal for small volume trials, and preparation of technology transfer between lab and production. It has the similar technical features as commercial larger systems. Offer up to 3m2 trays area and 30Kgs vapor collect capacity.

  • Features: Small Diagnostic Production, Pilot Plant.

  • Benefits: System Functions Same as Commercial Models.

  • Shelves Area: 1.6~2.4m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 20Kgs/24Hrs

  • Condenser Temperature: -85C

BFD-20 Series Scale-up and Pilot Production Freeze Dryer