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Lab Scale Freeze Dryers

Lab Scale Freeze Dryers

Research centers need the right laboratory freeze dryers to support the smooth progress of their studies. Vikumer developed several series freeze dry systems, to meet their freeze drying demand in lab research, scale-up, and pilot production. Success freeze dry and data acquire.

Our lab-scale freeze drying units were designed with robust technical features and outstanding system performances. Fully customizable, of course.

Lab Research and Pilot Production Lyophilization Solutions!

LGJ-10 Freeze Dryers

Vikumer LGJ-10 Benchtop freeze dryer is designed to handle the basic lyophilization needs of research laboratories. Offers vapor collect capacity 4L and -80C.

LGJ-20 Freeze Dryers

Vikumer LGJ-20 Floor model freeze dryer has an condenser Temp. up to -120C, thus, it can handle low eutectic point materials. Widely install in drugs and chemical research laboratories.

BFD-10 Freeze Dryers

The BFD Freeze dryers are professional units designed for lab advanced research and scale-up purpose. Offer up to 1m2 trays area and 20L vapor collect capacity.

BFD-20 Freeze Dryers

The Pilot Freeze dryers are ideal for small volume trials, preparation of technology transfer to production scale. Offer up to 3m2 trays area and 30L vapor collect capacity.