Laboratory Freeze Dryer LGJ-10

Benchtop Freeze Dryer

Vikumer’s LGJ-10 laboratory freeze dryer is a small benchtop unit, designed for laboratory research and samples preparation, capable of freeze drying small volume products. This laboratory lyophilizer features compact size, robust technical performance, moderate price and is easy to operate through a 7” touch screen HMI.

  • Condenser Capacity: 3~4Kgs

  • Condenser Temperature: -55C/-80C

Laboratory Benchtop Freeze Dryer LGJ-10

Technical Parameters

Model LGJ-10 (-55C) LGJ-10 (-80C)
Condenser Temp. -55C -80C
Condenser Capacity 3Kgs/24Hrs 4Kgs/24Hrs
Final Vacuum <5Pa <5Pa
Power 600W 1180W
Voltage 110V/220V 110V/220V
Size w/o Chamber W/420*D/640*H/350mm W/520*D/685*H/525mm

Technical Features

The LGJ-10 benchtop freeze dryer has been perfected version after version to deliver higher performance and robust technical features on a smaller footprint. It is versatile enough to handle lab R&D activities and samples preservation tasks.

  • Laboratory Freeze Dryer LGJ-10
  • Laboratory Freeze Dryer LGJ-10
  • Laboratory Freeze Dryer LGJ-10
  • Laboratory Freeze Dryer LGJ-10

Standard Configuration

  • Portable benchtop design with small footprint.
  • Powder coated steel exterior with rubber feet.
  • Vertical cylindrical, smooth wall type ice condenser.
  • S/S304 condenser material.
  • 1 compressor for -55C version, 2 compressors for -80C version.
  • Condenser can use for raw material freezing, freezing rack provide.
  • Full color, 7″ touch screen controller with LYO-LAB V2.0:
    • Real-time shows temperature readings of condenser and product, along with the vacuum degree.
    • Large buttons to control compressor and vacuum pump working, and condenser defrosting.
    • Real-time curve of condenser and product temperature, and vacuum degree.
    • Data-logging functionality and can be exported via USB.
    • System time setting, screen time out, system total running hours, and alert of vacuum pump oil change.
    • Vacuum unit change between Pa and mBar.
    • Temperature sensors calibration.
    • System log-out and password enter.
  • 2-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum pump auto shut off if chamber pressure not reduce.
  • Vacuum pump will not active if condenser temperature not reach datum point of -40C.
  • Side mounted vacuum port.
  • Side mounted vacuum break valve.
  • Side mounted defrost water drain valve.
  • Rear mounted vacuum pump power socket.

Accessories and Options

  • Stainless steel 316L ice condenser.
  • PTFE coated condenser.
  • Condenser auto defrost.
  • Scroll type, oil free vacuum pump.
  • Hybrid vacuum pump.
  • Automatic pressure control.
  • Inert gas backfill valve.
  • Eutectic point detector.
  • Large capacity drying chamber type A with 6 shelves.
  • Additional product temperature sensors up to 4.

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