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Production Scale Freeze Dryer

Production Scale Freeze Dryers

Contract manufacturing and lyophilization services companies need dependable freeze drying equipment, to support the good running of their business and add value to their brand. Especially in todays competitive market.

The Vikumer production scale freeze dryer systems are designed consider 2 steps ahead: Make it affordable price and Low running cost. Our engineer team always can find a balance point between your requirements and budget, with excellent quality, of course.

Commercial and Industrial Lyophilizers that Designed On Long-term Benefit Basis!

Superior Engineering

Highest Quality Parts, Optimal System, Scientific Layout

A Picture Shows Vikumer Freeze Dryer System
Highest Quality Shelves
Stunning Freeze Drying Plant Layout

Innovation in Technology

Improve User Experience and Machine Quality

Vikumer, a trusted name in freeze drying system suppliers. Especially we focus on designing and manufacturing customer specific lyophilizers.

We continuously seek to improve the quality of our machines, the breadth of our offerings and the strength of our technology. With those, we add values to our machines and to our customers’ products.

Vikumer Freeze Dryer Performance
Freeze Drying Solutions

A Responsible Freeze Dryer Supplier

Balance Both Quality and Price

Vacuum freeze drying is costly, for both time cost and energy cost. Nobody wants risk and bear the failures. Vikumer deeply know this, we will close work with you, use our knowledges in the field, create feasible solutions to meet your specific requirements.

We never compromise on quality! Even if you have a limit budget, we can find a balance point between the price and the best machine configurations. Offer economical freeze dry systems.

Industrial Freeze Drying Solutions

Based On Our 2 Decades Experiences

The Vikumer production freeze dryers are fabricated fit commercial and industrial heavy use. World class components, superior craftsmanship, outstanding system performance, international standard control system, competitive price that can compare with any brands in its class.

FDL Freeze Dryers
Multi-Purpose Tray Bulk Freeze Dryers
The FDL Tray freeze dryers are designed specially to lyophilize bulk materials, apply in pharmaceutical, biological and chemicals. Offer up to 50m2 trays area and 800L condenser capacity.
FDL-TP Freeze Dryers
Pharmaceutical Stoppering Lyophilizers For Vaccines
The FDL-TP Stoppering Lyophilizers are pharmaceutical units designed fully meet GMP, for vaccines production. Offer up to 30m2 trays area and 600L condenser capacity.
FDRS Freeze Dryers
Commercial Food Freeze Drying Machines
The FDRS Food Freeze drying machines suit commercial medium capacity production, capable of drying all kinds of fruit and vegetables. Capacity up to 300kgs a batch.
FDR Freeze Dryers
Industrial Food Freeze Drying Machines
The Vikumer FDR Freeze dryer machines are large plants for industry mass production. Batch capacity up to 2000kgs and can be paralleled install. The system are modular designed for easy maintain.

Built as Per Request

Structures, Functions, Technical Spec.

We will carefully read your URS and give professional suggestions, deliver the right freeze drying equipment, which is perfect fit your applications.

Keep in mind that Vikumer is experience in customer specific solutions.

Lyophilization Solutions Verification

One Purchase 

Lifetime Partnership

When you purchase a freeze dryer, you are after supplier’s constant service! From pre-sale to after sale services: Solutions create to equipment build, Shipping to installation, Worker training to technical support, Maintaining to system upgrade.

Permanent service is Vikumer’s promise! Cooperate with us is the start, during the machine lifetime, we are always ready to help.