Production Freeze Dryers

Commercial And Industrial Freeze Dryers

Vikumer’s production freeze dryer includes a line of durable, high performance, commercial grade freeze drying machines for industrial applications that can apply to nearly every industry.

Each user faces a different set of situations and the freeze drying machine designed must be able to adapt to the requirements. Sometimes a standard freeze dryer will do the job and sometimes it takes a customized solution. What matters the most is that the solution matches your specific requirements and is economical.

Vikumer designs, produces and services a broad range of production scale vacuum freeze dryers, for freeze drying food, pharmaceutical, biological and nutrient products. These systems fit commercial and industrial heavy use and large volume production, offer up to 200m2 trays area and 3300kgs ice condenser capacity.

We will close cooperate with you, create suitable solutions to meet your lyophilization needs. Aim to provide high quality freeze drying equipment with minimum cost, support the good running of your business and add value to your brand.

General Purpose Freeze Dryers
General Purpose Freeze Dryers
Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers
Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers
Commercial Food Freeze Dryers
Commercial Food Freeze Dryers

We offer a wide range of freeze dryers that fit commercial and industrial large production, and all are customizable to match the processing needs and conditions of the processing environment. Our freeze drying systems are designed and engineered modularly, flexibly configure as per needs, right balance between quality and price.

FD1 Lab-scale Small Production Freeze Dryer

The Vikumer FD1 freeze dryer perfect fit commercial small volume production of a variety of products, application cover nearly every industry. It is heavy-duty design for commercial 7*24hrs running.

  • Shelves Area: 2.16~3.24m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 30Kgs/24Hrs
  • Condenser Temperature: -75C

Single-chamber freeze dryers are small footprint, economic price and particularly suitable for freeze drying bulk materials. The ice condenser coils are exposed directly beneath shelves, which benefit highest vapor collect efficiency and short batch duration.

  • Shelves Area: 2.52~8.4m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 40~120Kgs

  • Condenser Temperature: -75C

FDLC Series Single-chamber Freeze Dryer
FDL Series General Purpose Freeze Dryer

General purpose lyohilizers are designed to process large amount of bulk materials, such as solid, liquid, paste and loose materials. Apply to biological, chemical and pharmaceutical, for commercial and industrial large production. Products are loaded and dried in material trays.

  • Shelves Area: 5~50m2
  • Condenser Capacity: 100~800Kgs

  • Condenser Temperature: -75C

GMP compliance lyophilizers that capable of freeze drying products in vials, bottles or trays. Vikumer’s FDL-TP industrial pharmaceutical freeze dryers offer up to 30m2 trays area and 600kgs condenser capacity.

  • Shelves Area: 1~30m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 10~300Kgs/24Hrs
  • Condenser Temperature: -75C

FDL-TP Series Pharmaceutical GMP Freeze Dryer
FDRS Series Commercial Food Freeze Dryer

Medium capacity food freeze drying machines, batch loading from 50kgs to 300kgs. The Vikumer FDRS freeze dryers are entirely stainless steel 304 fabricated, and capable of drying all food items like fruit, vegetables and dairy.

  • Shelves Area: 5~30m2
  • Condenser Capacity: 50~300Kgs/24Hrs
  • Condenser Temperature: -45C

Large freeze drying plant for food, fruit, vegetables, coffee and prepared meals. The Vikumer FDR freeze dryers are industry heavy duty and rapid drying cycle. Batch capacity up to 2000kgs and can be paralleled install.

  • Shelves Area: 50~200m2
  • Condenser Capacity: 500~2000Kgs/24Hrs

  • Condenser Temperature: -45C
FDR Series Industrial Food Freeze Dryer