Production Freeze Dryers

Vikumer production freeze dryers are designed for commercial and industrial mass production. Freeze drying of food, pharmaceutical, biological and chemicals. These systems fully meet GMP and FDA, and offer up to 200m2 trays area and 3300Kgs condenser.


Vikumer designs, produces and services a broad range of production scale vacuum freeze dryers, for freeze drying large scale of food, pharmaceutical, biological and chemical products. These systems fit commercial and industrial heavy use and large volume production, offer up to 200m2 trays area and 3300kgs ice condenser capacity.

Our production freeze drying systems are designed and engineered modularly, flexible configure as per needs. The proven solution ensures the right balance between configuration, delivery time, cost and maintenance.

For all series and models, control system meet FDA 21CFR PART11 guidelines. And pharmaceutical units also meet principle of GMP.

We will close cooperate with you, create suitable solutions to meet your lyophilization needs. Aim to provide high quality freeze drying equipment with minimum cost, support the good running of your business and add value to your brand.

Production Freeze Dryer Series

There are 2 groups in Vikumer production freeze dryer category: FDL pharmaceutical freeze dryers and FDR food freeze dryers.
Based on application fields, FDL has 2 sub-series: Bulk tray dryer and Stoppering tray dryer, FDR has 2 sub-series: Commercial medium capacity FDRS and Industrial large capacity FDR.

FDL Series Tray Style Freeze Dryer

FDL Series

Pharmaceutical Bulk Tray Freeze Dryers

General purpose lyohilizer, designed to handle bulk materials include solid, liquid, paste and loose materials. In biological, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Products load and drying in material trays.

  • Applications: All Industries. To Process Bulk Materials Include Solid, Liquid, Paste and Granular.

  • Shelves Area: 5~50m2
  • Condenser Capacity: 100~800Kgs

  • Condenser Temperature: -75C

FDL-TP Series

Pharmaceutical Stoppering Tray Freeze Dryers

GMP compliance lyophilizers that capable of drying products in stoppering vials, bottles or trays. Vikumer’s FDL-TP pharmaceutical freeze dryers offer up to 30m2 trays area and 600L condenser capacity.

  • Applications: Address To All Bio and Pharmaceutical Industries. Especially fit Vaccines Production.
  • Shelves Area: 1~30m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 10~300Kgs/24Hrs
  • Condenser Temperature: -75C

FDL-TP Series Pharmaceutical GMP Freeze Dryer
FDRS Series Commercial Food Freeze Dryer

FDRS Series

Commercial Food Freeze Dryers

Medium capacity food freeze drying machines, batch loading from 50kgs to 300kgs. The Vikumer FDRS freeze dryers are entirely stainless steel 304 fabricated, and capable of drying all food items like fruit, vegetables and dairy.

  • Applications: Food, Fruit, Vegetables, Prepared Meal, Nutrient etc.
  • Main Benefits: Automatic Freeze Drying, S/S304 Made Machine.
  • Shelves Area: 5~30m2
  • Condenser Capacity: 50~300Kgs/24Hrs

FDR Series

Industrial Food Freeze Dryers

Large freeze drying plant for food, fruit, vegetables, coffee and prepared meals. The Vikumer FDR freeze dryers are industry heavy duty and rapid drying cycle. Batch capacity up to 2000kgs and can be paralleled install.

  • Applications: Food, Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Coffee etc.

  • Main Benefits: Modular Sub-systems, Heavy-duty, Economic.

  • Shelves Area: 50~200m2
  • Condenser Capacity: 500~2000Kgs/24Hrs

FDR Series Industrial Food Freeze Dryer