What’s a Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer

Freeze dryers and lyophilizers are designed to perform freeze drying process. And dry products under vacuum environment.

Freeze Dryer Main Components

Drying Chamber

  • Freeze drying chamber is the largest part of a freeze dryer. A Pressure Container that enable create vacuum environment.
  • Typically, there are several plates installed in drying chamber, to allow products placing.

Ice Condenser

  • Vapors that come out from products will flow to ice condenser.
  • Inside of ice condenser, a group of coils are arranged and cooled by compressor system. When the vapors hit sub-cooled coils, they will be condensed on coils surface, as ice type.

Vacuum Pump

  • Create and maitain drying chamber vacuum pressure, guarantee the sublimate continuously.


  • Refrigeration system offers cooling energy to ice condenser, for vapors condensing. As well, it cools shelves, for product pre-freezing.

Heating and Fluid Circulating

  • Deliver cooling energy for raw product freezing, and later deliver heating energy for sublimation and drying.

Control System

  • A modern freeze drying machine use PLC based controller box, couple with a touch screen or PC software, to control and monitor the freeze dry system.
A Commercial Freeze Dryer Machine Structure and Flow Chart