The Vikumer BFD-10S lyophilizer is a lab-scale freeze drying system that fits clean room install, the freeze dryer is flexible of use, can process bulk materials, vials load products as well as microplates. Typically, the BFD-10S is use for scale-up research or small-scale production.

The BFD-10S offers up to 0.94m2 shelf area and as low as -65C shelf temperatures. The product chamber, shelves and internal accessories are made of S/S316L, highly polished surface ensures best processing conditions and can be maintained easily. The ice condenser is smooth wall type, easy defrost, condenser temperature as low as -85C, fit a wide range of applications from normal product to low eutectic point materials.

Vikumer also offers customized service to satisfy special application, such as the reagent and diagnostic kits that batch loading volume is less, thus, it requests larger shelf area but with smaller ice condenser.

Structure of the BFD-10S is all-in-one, completely assembled in our factory and quality and performance tested before it is shipped. Customer only need connect electric and compressed air to put it into service.

Technical Specifications

Model BFD-10S
Shelf Area 0.63m2
No. of Shelves 4+1
Shelf Size 355*455mm
Shelf Spacing 128mm
Shelf Temp. -55C ~ +70C
Vacuum <1Pa
Condenser Capacity 15Kgs/24Hrs, 25Kgs Total
Condenser Temp. -85C
Power 7.5Kwh
Size W/1100*D/1750*H/1950mm
Vials Dia.16 2352
Vials Dia.22 1200