General Purpose Freeze Dryers

Freeze Drying Bulk Materials

The Vikumer FDL series general purpose freeze dryer is a line of commercial freeze drying machines offer one of the broadest ranges of industry applications, available for bulk materials lyophilization which include probiotics, bacteria, yogurt, enzymes, reagents, chemicals, nutrients and cosmetics. Production capacities ranging from 50Kgs to 600Kgs input per batch.

The high-performance freeze dryers feature rectangular drying chamber which means highest space using rate and exceptional temperature uniformity. The proven advantages result they are particularly fit freeze dry heat sensitive items in pharmaceutical, biological, nutritional and chemical industries.

By using an FDL freeze dryer, your freeze drying task will be fully automatic. Raw products are placed on shelves in the drying chamber, in-place freezing and later drying under vacuum environment. During the drying process, raw products are always kept at minus temperature, biological activities and other chemical properties are well preserved.

The high advanced PLC and user-friendly HMI based control system enable operator manage freeze dry system easily, precise control of the entire freeze drying cycle. Provide real time display of system running status, vital freeze drying parameters and data generate. In addition, customer can select the PC control suit to get more powerful functions.

A shelf vacuum freeze drying equipment is multi-purpose, versatile apply to pharmaceutical, biological, plant extracts, chemicals, probiotics and heat sensitive products. Constant high freeze dried quality between trays and batches.


  • Offering both stainless steel and aluminum alloy shelves, conductive heating or radiative heating, for any application.
  • Available for freeze dry product in trays with varies form: liquid, paste, solid, granular and bulk type.
  • Two chamber system with external ice condenser.
  • Production capacities ranging from 50Kgs to 600Kgs of raw material input per batch.
  • CE compliant.

Built to Last

  • Built for industrial use with high-quality, heavy-duty parts.
  • All the key parts are sourcing from world top brands.
  • Rectangular drying chamber offers highest energy efficient and temperature uniformity.
  • Constructed with durable, long-lasting stainless steel material to provide decades of lifespan.
  • Modular engineered for easy maintain.
General Purpose Freeze Dryer

General Purpose Freeze Dryer

Models and Technical Spec.

Model FD-5L FD-10L FD-20L FD-30L FD-50L
Shelf Area 5.25m2 9.72m2 19.8m2 29.2m2 48.6m2
No. of Shelves 7+1 9+1 11+1 13+1 18+1
Shelf Size 750*1000mm 900*1200mm 1200*1500mm 1500*1500mm 1500*1800mm
Shelves Spacing 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm
Shelf Temp. Range -55C~+70C -55C~+70C -55C~+70C -55C~+70C -55C~+70C
Condenser Capacity (24Hrs) 50Kgs 100Kgs 200Kgs 300Kgs 500Kgs
Condenser Capacity (Max) 100Kgs 200Kgs 400Kgs 600Kgs 800Kgs
Condenser Temp. -85C -85C -85C -85C -85C
Vacuum Final 1Pa 1Pa 1Pa 1Pa 1Pa
Power Install 25Kw 50Kw 75Kw 85Kw 105Kw
Electric 380V/50Hz/3P 380V/50Hz/3P 380V/50Hz/3P 380V/50Hz/3P 380V/50Hz/3P
Size (W*L*H) (mm) 1500*3500*2000 1700*5500*2500 2300*7000*2600 2300*7500*2600 2500*9500*3200
Approx. Weight 3500Kgs 5500Kgs 9000Kgs 14000Kgs 25000Kgs

Technical Features

  • All-in-one structure, easy to handle, install, transport and commissioning.
  • All the machinery involved in the operation of FDL freeze dryer is mounted on a steel frame. Plug and play deliver. Quick install by connect electric, compressor chilled water, compressed air source and condenser defrost water.
  • Using standardized modular sub-systems, enable flexible configure as per needs.
  • 2 chambers system, ice condenser is installed behind drying chamber.
  • Full size front door is installed by heavy duty hinges, door with sight glass.
  • Rectangular drying chamber, high space using rate and maximum temperature uniformity.
  • PUF insulated drying chamber and ice condenser.
  • Heating and chilling shelves, temperature controllable from -55C to +70C.
  • Silicone oil based shelf system gurantee plates’ temperature variance less than +/-1C.
  • 2 stage semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, water cooling for stable performance.
  • 2 stage oil sealed pumps (roots pump for larger models) for extreme chamber pressure.
  • Vacuum pumps with isolation valves, valves auto close to maintain chamber pressure once an accident happen.
  • PLC and user friendly touch screen control system, FDA 21CFR PART11 compliant.
  • Pneumatic valves for all air and water isolate.
  • All models are CE marked.

Control System

Based on PLC and user-friendly HMI, which has the functions of:

  • Graphic display system key components working status.
  • Key parameters of temperatures and pressures display.
  • Freeze drying recipes and steps management.
  • Real-time freeze drying curve.
  • Freeze drying data review, print and download.
  • Meet FDA 21CFR PART11.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working.
  • Users and authorization management.
  • Sensors and gauges calibration.
  • System alarms.

System Performance

  • Shelves Temp. -55C ~ +70C.
  • Shelves cooling >1C/min (+20C ~ -40C <60min).
  • Shelves heating >1C/min (-40C to +20C <60min).
  • Shelves temperature variance <+/-1C.
  • Shelves roughness Ra<0.6um.
  • Shelves flatness <+/-0.5mm/m.
  • Condenser Temp. final -85C.
  • Condenser cooling +20C to -40C <30min.
  • System final vacuum <1Pa.
  • Chamber vacuumize to 100Pa <30min.
  • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5Pa L/s.
  • Vacuum adjustable.

Application Fields

Vikumer FDL freeze dryers have extensive applications:

  • Fit various industries include: Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals, Chemicals, Dairy and Nutrient.
  • For bulk materials drying such as: Solid, Liquid, Suspension, Powder, Paste and Granular.
  • Example products: Probiotics, yogurt, chemicals, plant extracts, serum, pharmaceutical solution, tablet and peptide.
Freeze Dryer Shelves and Trays Stainless Steel Made

FDL Freeze Dryer Models

Useable trays area from 5.25m2 to 48.6m2, condenser capacity up to 800kgs.
The FDL freeze dryers are entirely stainless steel fabricated, constructed on a steel frame which is easy transport and commissioning.

FD-5L General Purpose Freeze Dryer

FD-5L Freeze Dryer

5.25m2 trays area, 100kgs ice condenser.

FD-10L General Purpose Freeze Dryer

FD-10L Freeze Dryer

9.72m2 trays area, 200kgs ice condenser.

FD-20L General Purpose Freeze Dryer

FD-20L Freeze Dryer

19.8m2 trays area, 400kgs ice condenser.

FD-30L General Purpose Freeze Dryer

FD-30L Freeze Dryer

29.2m2 trays area, 600kgs ice condenser.

FD-50L General Purpose Freeze Dryer

FD-50L Freeze Dryer

48.6m2 trays area, 800kgs ice condenser.

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