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Multi-Purpose Tray Freeze Dryers

FDL Tray Style Freeze Dryers

The Vikumer FDL tray freeze dryer machines were designed especially to handle bulk materials, include solid, liquid, paste and powder. Raw products are placed on shelves in drying chamber, in-place freezing and later drying under vacuum environment. During the drying process, raw products always keep in minus temperature, no ruin their biological activities and other chemical properties.

A shelf vacuum freeze drying equipment is multi-purpose, versatile apply to pharmaceutical, biological, plant extracts, chemicals, probiotics and heat sensitive products. With precise temperature control and constant high freeze dried quality between trays and batches.

Capacity From 50kg to 500Kgs

From small capacity FD-5L with batch load 50kgs to large capacity FD-50L with 500kgs per load. There are various models can be selected. Fully customizable, of course.

FD-5L Freeze Dryer

One module shelf contain 7+1 plates, Total 5.25m2. Vapor collect capacity 50L in 24hrs period, 100L Max.

FD-10L Freeze Dryer

One module shelf contain 9+1 plates, Total 9.7m2. Vapor collect capacity 100L in 24hrs period, 200L Max.

FD-20L Freeze Dryer

One module shelf contain 11+1 plates, Total 19.8m2. Vapor collect capacity 200L in 24hrs period, 400L Max.

FD-30L Freeze Dryer

One module shelf contain 11+1 plates, Total 29.7m2. Vapor collect capacity 300L in 24hrs period, 600L Max.

FD-50L Freeze Dryer

One module shelf contain 18+1 plates, Total 48.6m2. Vapor collect capacity 500L in 24hrs period, 800L Max.
FDL Tray Freeze Dryer Applications

Extensive Applications

Cover Nearly Every Industry

Fit all industries, pharmaceuticals, biologicals, chemicals, dairy industries and so on. Perfect freeze drying all kinds of bulk materials, whatever it is solid, liquid, powder, paste or granular form.

For example: Probiotics, Yogurt, Chemicals, Plant extracts, Serum, Pharmaceutical solution or tablet, Polypeptide.

Automatic Freeze Drying

The automatic freeze drying now is the standard config for a modern freeze dryer. However, the data collection also is important for further analyze and on file.

The Vikumer FDL freeze dryers are able to dry your product from pre-freezing to drying finish. As well as store the data properly, include all the temp. sensors and vacuum gauges got during whole freeze drying process. You can download or online check, by table or curve format.

Freeze Drying Data Storage System
Vikumer FDL Lyophilizer Layout

All-include Structure

Easy Handle, Easy Install, Easy Maintain

FDL Lyophilizers are designed all-include structure. All the machinery that involves with the operation of freeze dryer machine is well mount in a steel frame. Plug and play deliver. You can quick install it.

For installation, you only need connect electric, compressor chilled water, compressed air source and condenser defrost water.

Controller Based on PLC and User-friendly HMI

For all models, high advanced PLC and user friendly HMI based control system is installed. It has the functions of:

  • Graphic display system working status.
  • Freeze drying recipes management.
  • Real-time freeze drying curve.
  • Freeze drying data & curve review, print and download.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working select.
  • Users and authorization management.
  • Alarms and debug model.
Freeze Dryer Controller Main Screen
Freeze Dryer Controller Recipes Management Page
Freeze Dryer Controller Debug Page
Freeze Dryer Controller Drying Curve Display Page
FDL Lyophilizers Are Entirely Stainless Steel Fabricated

Robust Design

Entirely Stainless Steel Fabricated

Drying chamber, shelves, trays, condenser and internal accessories are fabricated from high quality stainless steel.

All components installed are well-known brands, and are international standard. Easy replace and maintain. Components use clamp connection for quick assembly & disassembly.

Outstanding Performance

  • Shelves Temp. -55C ~ +70C.
  • Shelves cooling >1C/min (+20C ~ –40C < 60min).
  • Shelves heating >1C/min (–40C to +20C < 60min).
  • Shelves temperature variance <+/-1C.
  • Shelves roughness Ra<0.6um.
  • Shelves flatness <+/-0.5mm/m.
  • Condenser Temp. final –85C.
  • Condenser cooling +20C to –40C < 30min.
  • System final vacuum <1Pa.
  • Chamber vacuumize to 100Pa < 30min.
  • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5x10-2mbarL/s.
  • Vacuum adjustable.