FD-20RS Freeze Dryer

19m2 trays area, 200Kgs/24Hrs ice condenser capacity.


The Vikumer FD-20RS food freeze dryer was designed especially for food freeze drying. It offers total 19 sq.m trays area and 330kgs ice condenser. Nominated production capacity is 200kgs per load, which refers to its 24hrs vapor collect capacity. This is the just right freeze drying capacity, for commercial and industrial heavy use. And FD-20RS machine can use to freeze dry nearly all edible products.

FD-20RS is entirely stainless steel fabricated, that can meet the strictest hygiene requirements of food freeze drying, and is robust design that can meet commercial 7*24 heavy use. This considered design make it adapt to all food industries, and capable of lyophilize a wide variety of food products include fruits, nutrient, vegetables, cooked meals, meat, dairy and soup sector. Allow raw material in any forms include, chips, cubes, granular, liquid, powder, paste etc. Freeze drying in trays or prepackaged containers.

While high advanced PLC and user-friendly touch screen HMI based control system is equipped. The FD-5RS food freeze dryer ensures a fully automatically freeze drying process, and guarantees high quality freeze dried at a consistently basis. With FD-MEGA software assistance, you can precisely control the entire freeze dry process, of shelves temperature and chamber pressure. System working status graphically displays on HMI. Operator can track vital parameters trend include shelf temp. product temp. and chamber pressure etc. As well as manage freeze drying recipes for cycle optimization and reproductivity.

FD-20RS Freeze Dryer

Technical Parameters

Model FD-20RS
Shelves Area 19m2
No. of Shelves 12+1
Shelf Size 1200*1350mm
Shelf Spacing 50mm
Shelf Temp. -35C ~ +100C
Vacuum <15Pa
Condenser Capacity 200Kgs/24Hrs, 330Kgs in total
Condenser Temp. -45C
Power 45Kwh
Size 1800*5500*2700mm

Key Features

All in one design. Ready to use delivery.

Cylindrical, stainless steel 304 made, insulated to avoid energy waste.

Stainless steel 304 made, mirror polished.

Hinged door, stainless steel 304 made, middle with sight glass.

Stainless steel 304 made chamber and coils. Ice condenser can be installed in rear side of drying chamber or inside drying chamber, beneath shelves.

Bitzer reciprocating compressor, water cooling method.

2 Stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. Vacuum adjustable.

Silicone oil based system. Fluid circulates inside shelves for chilling and heating. Shelves chilled by compressor system, heated by an electric heater.

PLC and user friendly touch screen HMI based. Which has the functions of:

  • Graphic displays key components working status.
  • Freeze drying recipes management.
  • Real-time freeze drying curve.
  • Freeze drying data & curve review, print and download.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working mode.
  • Users and authorization management.
  • Alarms and debug model.

Freeze drying process is fully automatic, from raw material pre-freezing to vacuum drying finish.

All water related valves are pneumatically operated include, defrost water in, defrost water overflow, defrost water discharge.

All air related valves are pneumatically operated include, vacuum control, vacuum break, vacuum pump isolation.

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