Freeze Drying Machines

Freeze Dryers From Lab to Production

Vikumer manufactures a full line of freeze dryers and lyophilizers for laboratory research, pilot production, commercial and industrial large production, to accommodate a variety of industry applications and capacities requirement. Our freeze dryers are known for superior quality, robust technical features, accuracy processes control of temperature and vacuum, and consistent, repeatable freeze drying results, with its solid build quality and design.

Solid Products You Can Trust !

Our freeze drying machines are developed with this in mind: designed for simplicity, engineered for durability. Only the best and strongest materials and components are used in our products so that you can rest assured that your freeze drying equipment is able to withstand the heavy use of 7*24. And the most important is, our freeze dryer machines are using proven, standardized modular sub-systems that allow flexible configuration to meet the common requirements and the challenges in various industries, a right balance between standardization and customization.

Here in Vikumer, we have a skilled engineer team that will assist you in finding the right freeze drying system that suits your needs and, offer the most economical freeze drying solution. Whatever you are working in food, pharmaceutical, biological or chemical field, we are able to create feasible solutions and offer the right freeze dryer to fit your specific intent. Each freeze drying application is unique, and so does the freeze drying machine!

Laboratory Freeze Dryers

Vikumer’s laboratory freeze dryer supports a variety of laboratory applications of lab R&D and samples preservation. Our LGJ series laboratory lyophilizer have been perfected version after version to deliver higher performance on a smaller footprint.

Pilot Freeze Dryers

The BFD series pilot-scale freeze dryers are designed for advanced research centers and small production plant. For freeze drying recipe development, process optimization, small batch trials, and technology transfer preparation.

Production Freeze Dryers

Production scale freeze drying system fits commercial and industrial heavy use and mass production. Vikumer designs, produces and services a broad range of production scale vacuum freeze dryers, for freeze drying food, pharmaceutical, biological and nutrient products.

Customized Freeze Dryers

Customized Freeze Dryers

Each user faces a different set of situations and the freeze drying machine designed must be able to adapt to the requirements. Vikumer will close cooperate with you, create suitable solutions to meet your production needs. Provide high quality freeze drying equipment with minimum cost.