Laboratory Freeze Dryer BFD-2

Lab Advanced Research Benchtop Freeze Dryer

An extremely compact benchtop unit with high control performance, the BFD-2 laboratory freeze dryer is designed especially for lab R&D and cycle development. Allows accurately control freeze drying process such as shelves heating and freezing, ramp temperature, vacuum degree etc. The control system is PLC based, same features as commercial freeze dry systems.

  • Shelf Area: 0.1~0.32m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 3Kgs/24Hrs

  • Condenser Temperature: -85C
Lab Advanced Research Benchtop Freeze Dryer BFD-2

Technical Parameters

Technical Features

The BFD-2 laboratory freeze dryer features benchtop which is small footprint, the vacuum pump is installed individually besides base unit, connect with it by a PVC steel wire reinforced hose. The BFD-2 benchtop lyophilizer offers up to 0.32m2 shelf area and 3kgs ice condenser capacity.

  • Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Standard Configuration

  • Portable benchtop design.
  • Vacuum pump external install besides freeze dryer.
  • S/S304 made, rectangular drying chamber.
  • Acrylic drying chamber door.
  • Silicone oil based shelf system, temperature controllable from -50C to +70C.
  • S/S304 made, cylindrical, individual ice condenser.
  • Acrylic ice condenser door.
  • Smooth wall type ice condenser, lowest -85C.
  • Condenser electric defrosting.
  • 2-stage oil sealed vacuum pump, system final pressure 1Pa.
  • Cascade compressor system, CFC free refrigerant, air cooling method.
  • PLC and user-friendly touch screen HMI based control system.
  • IQ, OPQ documents and validation package.

Options and Accessories

  • Stoppering device for vials closing under vacuum.
  • S/S316L material.
  • S/S316L door.
  • Condenser isolation valve.
  • Dry vacuum pump.
  • Capacitive vacuum gauge.
  • Inert gas backfill port.
  • VHP port.
  • Side mounted flask rack.
  • Vacuum break filter.
  • Vacuum pump suction filter.
  • Vacuum pump exhaust filter.
  • Eutectic point detector.
  • PC control.

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