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FD-10L-TP Freeze Dryer

The Vikumer FD-10L-TP lyophilizer was developed specifically for pharmaceutical vaccines freeze drying. Machine designed meet GMP and control system meet 21CFR Part11. With over 40 installations worldwide, this model proved maximum productivity for both commercial and industrial manufacturers. Offers 9.7m2 shelves area and 200L vapor condensing capacity.


OD16mm *37800Pcs


OD22mm *19440Pcs


OD24mm *16650Pcs

FD-10L-TP Pharmaceutical Stoppering Lyophilizer
FD-10L-TP Pharmaceutical Stoppering Lyophilizer Side View


Shelves Area 9.7m2
Shelves Temp. -55C to +70C
Ice Condenser -85C, 200L
Final Vacuum <1Pa
Installed Size 1750*6200*3300mm
Power 60Kw

Main Features


9 + 1 Plates, Total area 9.7m2.


External condenser with isolator.


PC Software, Meet 21CFR Part11.


Meet cGMP, with super craftsmanship.


Customizable based on URS.

Technical Details

FDL-TP Stoppering Freeze Dryer Shelves Arrangement

Designing Applications

The Vikumer pharmaceutical lyophilizers are cost effective freeze drying solutions, which can be addressed to all pharmaceutical lyophilization applications. Include both injectable formulation freeze drying and bulk material freeze drying.

Offer standard configuration as well as customized accessories and functions. Here is the summary of our standard machines.

Machinery Structure

Drying Chamber and Door

Pressure vessel rated rectangular shape drying chamber. Stainless steel 316L made and surface mirror polished. Inner corners are rounded for easy cleaning.

Hinged door is fully Insulated, with viewing port. Door decoration panel for clean room mount is stainless steel 304 made.

External Condenser

Both condenser chamber and condensing coils are S/S316L made, surface mirror polished. Condenser bottom is sloped for water easy draining.

Isolate of the condenser is a butterfly valve, pneumatically operated.

Shelves and Trays

Flexible shelf module, hydraulic stoppering device. All plates are mirror polished roughness better than 0.6um, flatness better than 0.5mm/m.


Condenser and drying chamber connect can be vertical or horizontal. Drying chamber is rectangular, condenser chamber can be cylindrical or rectangular shape.

System Specifications

Vacuum System

The vacuum pumps installed in pharmaceutical freeze dry system is 2-stage oil sealed pumps and roots pump combination.

Each vacuum pump has individual isolation valve, and is pneumatically operated. Capable of automatic close once electric interrupt.

Refrigeration System

Water cooling method, Bitzer 2-stage compressor system.

Shelves Heating System

Fluid circulates inside sandwich type plates, which can be heated or chilled. Brazed plate heat exchanger and fluid transfer pump is installed to guarantee the evenly temperature of shelves.

Controller and Measuring Apparatus

Temperature Sensors

PT100A probes for fluid, shelves, products and condenser coils temperature measure and control.

Vacuum Gauges

Pirani type vacuum gauges for drying chamber and vacuum system.


Based on PC, PLC and user friendly HMI. Meet 21 CFR PART 11 guidelines.

  • Users and authorization management.
  • Batch report generate and auto save.
  • Freeze drying recipes management.
  • Graphic display system working status.
  • Real-time freeze drying curve.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working.
  • Alarms and debug model.

All the valves that use to isolate air and water are pneumatically operated, which include:

  • Vacuum pumps isolate, vacuum adjust, vacuum break.
  • Condenser isolation valve.
  • CIP and SIP related valves.
  • Condenser defrost water supply/draining/overflow.

Options and Accessories

  • Backup units for key parts (compressor, vacuum pump, fluid pump)
  • Dry type vacuum pumps.
  • PC control and software authorization.
  • CIP, SIP
  • Variable shelves spacing.
  • Pneumatic door lock.
  • Door lock sensor.
  • Capacitive vacuum gauge.
  • Air filters.
  • Lyophilizer documents (Validation package IQ, O/PQ, FAT etc.)