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Commercial Food Freeze Dryers

FDRS Freeze Dryers

The Vikumer FDRS Food Freeze dryer machines suit small to medium capacity freeze drying, with a batch processing capacity 50kgs to 300kgs. Which means they are commercial units.

Starters and small manufacturing plants prefer FDRS not only because it can handle all kinds of food products, but also due to the worriless install and working. Designed all-in-one structure, plug and play deliver, even inexperienced owner can install it breezily. Fully automatic freeze drying process, a simple click on touch screen, the machine will active till drying end. Of course, you neither need buy auxiliary facilities or hire lots of employees.

FDRS Commercial Food Freeze Drying Machine
4.8m2 Trays Area, 75Kgs Condenser
One module shelf contain 9+1 plates, Total 4.8m2. Vapor collect capacity 50Kgs in 24hrs period, 75Kgs Max.
9.7m2 Trays Area, 150Kgs Condenser
One module shelf contain 9+1 plates, Total 9.7m2. Vapor collect capacity 100Kgs in 24hrs period, 150Kgs Max.
19m2 Trays Area, 330Kgs Condenser
One module shelf contain 12+1 plates, Total 19m2. Vapor collect capacity 200Kgs in 24hrs period, 330Kgs Max.
29.9m2 Trays Area, 550Kgs Condenser
Two modules shelves contain 8+1 plates, Total 29.9m2. Vapor collect capacity 300Kgs in 24hrs period, 550Kgs Max.