FD-200R Freeze Dryer

204m2 trays area, 2000Kgs/24Hrs ice condenser capacity.


The Vikumer FD-200R is our largest food freeze drying equipment, an industrial freeze dryer with 2000kgs batch loading. There are 4 modules of shelves offer total 204 sq.m useable product loading area. As well as the highly efficiency evapor collect condenser that can trap Total 4000kgs water. Users also can parallel several sets FD-200R to get a larger daily processing volume.

FD-200R Freeze Dryer

Technical Parameters

Model FD-200R
Shelves Area 204m2
Shelves 4 modules, 17+1 each, mirror install in chamber
Shelf Size 630*5100mm
Shelf Spacing 100mm
Shelf Temp. RT ~ +100C
Vacuum <15Pa
Condenser Capacity 2000Kgs/24Hrs, 4000Kgs in total
Condenser Temp. -45C
Power 400Kwh
Install Area 25*15*4.5 meters