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  • 23 years in the industry.

  • 300+ production freeze dryers installed in global.

  • 1500+ laboratory and pilot freeze dryers sold.
  • Our machines now are servicing nearly all industries.

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We Focus On Freeze Dryers

Found in 2000, Vikumer is an innovation leader in the development of freeze dryers and lyophilizers. We are also one of the only a few manufacturers in China who have ability to produce full range of freeze drying equipment from small lab research unit to commercial large scale production plant.

Vikumer fully respect its customers, we treat each customer as our only customer. Our freeze drying solutions offered have been thoughtfully considered to meet your current demand, as well as future needs, and are on the long-term benefits basis.

With hundreds of projects involved, Vikumer accumulate rich experiences in almost all fields. Which means we are able to provide application support and, offer proven solution which ensures the right balance between cost, quality and regular maintenance.

Vikumer company has a clear goal, that is help our customers get stunning freeze dried products with minimum costs !

Found Year

Established in 2000, North China. Born to produce freeze dryer.

Factory Size

2 Factories, total 6 Workshops, 12000m2.


130+ full time employees, 20+ engineers.

Quality Control

Indoor Produce, TQC quality control principle.

Machine Features

Modular Designed, Meet GMP, GLP, FDA.

Production Ability

Tailor made as per URS, mainly OEM, ODM.

World-Class Performance

Freeze Dryer Lyophilizers

Lab-scale to production, small to large, solution for all industries.

About Freeze Drying

Freeze drying works well on almost all products, can be applied to nearly all industries, this because of its unique working process. Freezing the material, and then reduce its surrounding pressure, to allow the water to sublimate directly from solid phase to gas. During the drying process, raw material always kept minus temperature. So, freeze drying has less impact on product properties.

Freeze dry can apply to nearly every industry, for all types material drying, such as liquid, fluid, loose type, granular, powder, chips etc. Drying in trays or in containers.

Unlike other dehydration method that use high temperature to boil the water to vaporize. Freeze dry is a low temperature dehydration method, frozen water melt and then sublime under vacuum environment. So, freeze drying technology will not damage your products.

Freeze dried products shelf life can be 5 years or longer as per the package air tightness. This because freeze dried products moisture contain typically <3%, no microbial activities in such condition.

Freeze dried products don’t need cryopreservation or additives preservation. Just at room temperature. Great reduce your storage and transport cost.

There are reasons that freeze dried product market share increasing dramatically year by year. In food sector, consumers want organic and nutritional products; In bio-pharma sector, freeze dry maybe the only option to deliver qualified products in some cases.

Freeze drying maximum preserve products features like color, odor, nutrient content, appearance etc. >99% similarity between original and freeze dried.

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