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From small lab research lyophilizers to large commercial and industrial production freeze dryers.

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Freeze Dryers
Factory Scale

4 production plant total 12000m2, indoor produce and is running under ISO9001, 130+ full time employees, 20+ professional engineers.

Production Ability

Design and build fully meet user’s requirement specifications, products under GMP, FDA and other international standards, OEM and ODM service.


All freeze dryers are modular designed, flexible configuration, easy install and maintain, >80% of the parts are under international standard.

Vikumer Factory

Vikumer Freeze Dry

We Focus On Freeze Dryers

Found in 2000, Vikumer is an innovation leader in the development of freeze dryers and lyophilizers. We are also one of the only a few manufacturers in China who have ability to produce full range of freeze drying equipment.

From small lab research unit to commercial large scale production plant. Our freeze dry systems apply to biological, pharmaceutical, chemical and food as well as laboratory research.

Vikumer company has a clear goal, that is help our customers get stunning freeze dried products with minimum costs !

  • 20 years experience in the industry.

  • 300+ production freeze dryer installed in global.

  • 1500+ lab freeze dryer sold.

Vikumer laboratory and pilot freeze dryers are designed to handle the lyophilization needs of research laboratories and pilot plant. Basic research models LGJ and professional models BFD are offered, provide up to 3m2 trays area and up to 40kgs vapor collect capacity.

Vikumer production freeze dryers are designed for commercial and industrial mass production, freeze drying of food, pharmaceutical, biological and chemicals. These systems fully meet GMP and FDA, and offer up to 200m2 trays area and 3300Kgs condenser.

Freeze Dryers from Lab to Production!

Ourstanding Features

Why Vikumer Freeze Dryer?

Vikumer freeze dryers and lyophilizers are built under the strictest international standards and guidelines such as CE, cGMP, cGLP, FDA, GB-150 etc.

Robust Design

Based on our 2 decades experience, machines designed meet any of your freeze drying demand, and constant drying quality between trays and batches.

Efficient & Flexible

Highest and strictest quality control, guarantee your freeze dryers heavy use with stable performance, deliver to latest and to last.

Economical Price

Thanks to our success cost control system, a Vikumer freeze dryer help you save up to 50%, compare with other brands which with same performance and features.

Technology Since


Vacuum Freeze Drying

Wide Applications

Freeze drying works well on almost all industries, this because of its unique working process. Freezing the material, and then reduce the surrounding pressure, to allow the water sublimate directly from solid phase to gas.

During the drying process, raw materials temperature always below zero. So, freeze drying has less impact on product chemical properties.

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