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Freeze Drying Machines PRODUCTION SCALE From Professional Lab Research Units
To Commercial and Industrial Large Production Lyophilizers.
2 employees are operating a large food freeze drying equipment SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS Use Our Knowledge In The Field, Create Solutions At
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A Clear Vision

Freeze drying (also called lyophilization in bio-pharma industry) is the premier selection in products preservation area, this because of it is the only method to deliver stable, biologically active products with a long shelf life.

In the past, only valuable biologic drugs and injectable vaccines use lyophilization technology. With the technological advancements, freeze drying costs are reduced, manufacturers are trying introduce freeze dried food into consumer market. Which result the rising demand for lyophilized products, rapid growth in contract manufacturing and lyophilization services, year by year.

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Vikumer Freeze Dryer Craftsmanship Show
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Lab Scale Freeze Dryers


Vikumer laboratory freeze dryers are designed to handle the lyophilization needs of research and scale-up laboratories. Benchtop models LGJ and Floor type models BFD are offered, provide up to 3m2 trays area and up to 40L vapor collect capacity.

Production Scale Freeze Dryers


Vikumer Production freeze dryers are designed for commercial and industrial mass production, freeze drying of food, pharmaceutical, biological and chemicals. These systems offer up to 200m2 trays area and 3300Kgs condenser.

Freeze Drying Knowledges

Freeze Drying Theory Based On Water Triple Point Phase Diagram
Freeze Drying Theory

Freeze drying also known as lyophilization in pharmaceutical area, is a dehydration process typically use to preserve perishable materials or make the material more convenient for storage.

Freeze drying removes water by freezing the material, and then reduce the surrounding pressure, proper apply heat to allow the frozen water in the material to sublime directly from solid phase to gas.

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Freeze Drying Steps

There are mainly 3 steps in a freeze drying process:

Freezing Stage. Materials completely frozen is the first step also is the insurance of a success lyophilization.

Primary Drying Stage. Remove physical water, as know, >90% water in raws are physical water, this stage takes quite long time.

Secondary Drying Stage. Remove bound water, bound water is hard to remove, this stage need ultra vacuum and higher Temp.

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Freeze Drying Has 3 Main Steps
Freeze Drying Samples
Freeze Drying Applications

Freeze drying and lyophilization works well on almost all industries, for example:

  • Food, Fruit, Vegetables, Cooked Meals, Porridge, Soup, Coffee, Seafood, Dairy.
  • Pharmaceutical, Vaccines, APIs.
  • Biological.
  • Chemical.
  • Herbs, Extracts, Cosmetics, Pet Food.

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