Laboratory Freeze Dryer LGJ-20M

Laboratory Manifold Freeze Dryer

The LGJ-20M manifold freeze dryer is designed especially to freeze dry products that load in round bottom or wide neck flasks. Per batch can handle 24pcs bottles, and the 35L large capacity ice condenser enable it can process 2 batches without defrosting.

  • Condenser Capacity: 8Kgs
  • Condenser Temperature: -55C/-80C/-120C
Laboratory Manifold Freeze Dryer LGJ-20M

Base Unit

Include a horizontal stainless steel ice condenser that can hold 8kgs of ice in 24hrs period. Ice condenser temperature available in -55C, -80C and -120C. Auto defrost by electric heating.


Stainless steel rack with 24 connectors, individually open or close. Rubber valves are easy to replace to fit wide mouth bottle or round bottom flask.

Control System

The touch screen HMI real time displays condenser temperature and vacuum degree. Large buttons to control compressor and vacuum pump working.

Technical Parameters

Model LGJ-20M
Manifold 24Pcs
Condenser Capacity 8Kgs/24Hrs
Condenser Temp. -55C/-80C/-120C
Final Vacuum <5Pa
Power 2000W
Size w/o Chamber 700*850*1050mm

2-types Installation

Laboratory Freeze Dryer LGJ-20M Clean Room Install

Clean Room Install

Laboratory Freeze Dryer LGJ-20M Standard Install

Standard Install

Technical Features

  • Floor model with casters, easy move and install.
  • Freeze dryer and manifolds rack 2 part. Easy assemble and maintain.
  • S/S manifold rack.
  • Horizontal cylindrical S/S ice condenser in built in freeze dryer base unit.
  • Up to 8kgs vapor collect capacity.
  • -55C, -80C and -120C condenser temperature.
  • Side mounted defrost water drain valve.
  • 2-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump.
  • Side mounted vacuum port and vacuum break valve.
  • 7″ Full color touch screen monitor:
    • Real time display ice condenser and vacuum degree.
    • Large buttons to control compressor and vacuum pump working.


  • Stainless steel 316L ice condenser.
  • Auto condenser defrosting.
  • Auto condenser discharge.
  • Scroll type, oil free vacuum pump.
  • Hybrid vacuum pump.
  • Auto pressure control and vacuum regulator.
  • Auto vacuum release.
  • Inert gas backfill valve.
  • Eutectic point mesure suit.
  • Clean room manifold rack.
  • 2 types manifold connectors:
    • Adapt to round bottom flasks.
    • Adapt to wide neck bottles.

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