FD-40L-TP Freeze Dryer

40.5m2 Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

The FD-40L-TP freeze dryer is an industrial large production freeze drying unit, designed to process pharmaceutical products such as human and veterinary vaccines, hormones and injections which are bottled or in vials. The freeze dry machine has 40.5m2 shelf area and a 400kgs/24hrs ice condenser.

  • Shelf Area: 40.5m2
  • Condenser Capacity: 400Kgs/24Hrs, 800Kgs Total
  • Condenser Temperature: -85C

  • Vials Capacity: 2R*156240Pcs, 6R*82620Pcs, 10R*69750Pcs

FD-40L-TP Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

Technical Parameters

Model FD-40L-TP
Shelf Area 40.5m2
No. of Shelves 15+1
Shelf Size 1500*1800mm
Shelf Spacing 85mm
Shelf Temp. -55C ~ +70C
Vacuum <1Pa
Condenser Capacity 400Kgs/24Hrs, 800Kgs Total
Condenser Temp. -85C
Power 140Kwh
Size 2500*8200*4000mm
CIP/SIP Optional

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