Laboratory Freeze Dryer LGJ-20

Lab Basic Research Freeze Dryer

The LGJ-20 laboratory freeze dryer is floor type, designed especially to handle ultra-low eutectic point materials. The vapor collect condenser temperature as low as -120C. Thus, they are installed a lot in research centers.

Lab Basic Research Freeze Dryer LGJ-20

Base Unit

The stainless steel upright vapor collector and air cooled compressor system is integrated in a floor model console system, with casters for easy move. Ice condenser available in 3 configurations: -55C model has 1 compressor, suitable for common materials, -80C and -120C model has 2 compressors, suitable for low eutectic point samples.

Drying Chamber

The drying chamber available in 6 selections from bulk to stoppering and manifold, to enable products dried in trays, vials, ampoules, flasks and other glass bottles.

Control System

Control of the freeze dryer is by a 7″ touch screen HMI, it real-time displays condenser temperature, product temperature and vacuum degree. The drying data can be downloaded to flash memories for later analyze.

Technical Parameters

Model LGJ-20(-55C) LGJ-20(-80C) LGJ-20Plus
Condenser Temp. -55C -80C -55C/-80C/-120C
Condenser Capacity 3Kgs/24Hrs 4Kgs/24Hrs 6Kgs/24Hrs
Final Vacuum <5Pa <5Pa <5Pa
Power 600W 1180W 1580W
Voltage 110V/220V 110V/220V 110V/220V
Size w/o Chamber 580*500*720mm 770*550*720mm 770*550*720mm

Technical Features

  • Floor type with minimum footprint.
  • Powder coated steel exterior with casters.
  • Vertical cylindrical, smooth wall type ice condenser inbuilt freeze dryer base unit.
  • Up to 6kgs vapor collect capacity.
  • -55C, -80C and -120C condenser temperature.
  • 1 compressor for -55C version, 2 compressors for -80C and -120C version.
  • Condenser can use for raw material freezing, freezing rack provide.
  • Full color, 7″ touch screen controller with LYO-LAB V2.0:
    • Real-time shows temperature readings of condenser and product, along with the vacuum degree.
    • Large buttons to control compressor and vacuum pump working, and condenser defrosting.
    • Real-time curve of condenser and product temperature, and vacuum degree.
    • Data-logging functionality and can be exported via USB.
    • System time setting, screen time out, system total running hours, and alert of vacuum pump oil change.
    • Vacuum unit change between Pa and mBar.
    • Temperature sensors calibration.
    • System log-out and password enter.
  • 2-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum pump auto shut off if chamber pressure not reduce.
  • Vacuum pump will not active if condenser temperature not reach datum point of -40C (adjustable).
  • Side mounted vacuum port.
  • Side mounted vacuum break valve.
  • Side mounted defrost water drain valve.
  • Rear mounted vacuum pump power socket.

Drying Chambers

There are 6 selections of drying chamber accessory, support samples drying in trays, vials, ampoules and flasks.

  • Type A standard chamber.

  • Type B stoppering chamber.
  • Type C standard chamber with 8 manifolds.
  • Type D stoppering chamber with 8 manifolds.
  • Type E 24pcs or 48pcs manifold rack for ampoules.
  • Type T 8pcs or 12pcs manifold rack for flasks.

  • Rubber valve for round bottom flask.
  • Rubber valve for wide neck flask.
  • Rubber valve for ampoules


  • Stainless steel 316L ice condenser.
  • PTFE coated condenser.
  • Condenser auto defrost.
  • Scroll type, oil free vacuum pump.
  • Hybrid vacuum pump.
  • Pressure control and vacuum regulator.
  • Inert gas backfill valve.
  • Eutectic point detector.
  • Large capacity drying chamber type A with 6 shelves.
  • Additional product temperature sensors up to 4.
  • Heated shelves.

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