LG-5 Home Freeze Dryer

Freeze Drying Your Favorite Foods At Home

The Vikumer LG-5 home freeze dryer is an affordable method to preserve your food without nutrition loses, freeze dried products suitable for long-term storage, select it and enjoy DIY.

  • Trays Size: W/200*L/500mm, 4pcs/batch
  • Batch Loading: 4~5Kgs
Home Freeze Dryer LG5


In the past, people store food either in fridges or dry in ovens, however, these ways have lots of disadvantages such as critical store environment, contamination risk, nutrition loses and tasteless.

Now, Vikumer’s LG5 freeze drying systems change the way you preserve food, bring about a revolution in food drying technology: Dry your products without being degraded. Transform your favorite foods into nutritious, light weight, easy to store and dried type for years. The most important is, it suits almost all common items include fruit, vegetables, cooked meals, soup, pet food, cake, ice cream etc.

Batch Duration

The principle of LG5 freeze drying is to freeze the raw product first, and then lower the machine chamber pressure, to extract the water out. Which means, freeze dry is a low temperature dehydration method based on sublimation.

Typically, our LG5 home freeze dryer takes 22~32hrs for one batch, depends on total water contain and raw product physical form.

Technical Parameters

Model LG5
Trays Quantity 4
Trays Size 200*500mm
Water Collect Capacity 4Kgs/24Hrs, 6Kgs Max.
Water Collector Temp. -35C
Chamber Pressure 0.2mbar
Dimension W/510*D/700*H/670mm
Weight 75Kgs
Power 1750w
Voltage 220V/50Hz/1P

Technical Features

  • Portable benchtop design.
  • Plug and play deliver.
  • Touch screen based controller.
  • Commonly used freeze drying steps preset.
  • Freeze dry system one key start/stop.
  • Fully automatic freeze drying process.
  • Powder coated steel exterior.
  • Heavy duty drying chamber and door.
  • Drying chamber with insulation, avoid energy waste.
  • Transparent acrylic door.
  • Stainless steel shelf and trays.
  • Shelf heating module optional, to short the freeze drying process.
  • Auto defrosting, quickly prepare another batch.

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