BFD-20 Freeze Dryers

Vikumer’s BFD-20 pilot freeze dryers suit small volume trial production. Designed to process heat sensitive drugs, enzymes and bacteria, as well as food items such as fruit, vegetables, probiotics. Offer up to 2.8m2 trays area and 30kgs condenser.

Pilot Production Freeze Dryer

The BFD-20 pilot plant is designed for small diagnostic production, preparation of technology transfer between lab and production. Customers can use it as a small lab scale production unit or a laboratory freeze dryer.

Entirely stainless steel fabricated, the Vikumer BFD-20 ensures a hygienic processing and, is easy to clean and maintain. Operation of the freeze dryer is through a touch screen HMI, and is capable of fully automatic working. Once raw product has been placed in the drying chamber, the process runs fully automatically as per pre-programmed recipes, all vital parameters such as product temperature, heating temperature, condenser temperature and vacuum degree etc. are alive display on screen, and are auto stored to enable later download and reproductivity.

BFD-20 can apply to nearly all industries including fruit, drugs, probiotics, additives, dairy and meat. By select stoppering device, also can adapt to vaccines production which load in vials or bottles.

BFD-20 Pilot Production Freeze Dryer

Technical Parameters

Series Bulk Stoppering
Shelves Area 1.6~2.8m2 1.6~2.4m2
Useable Shelves No. 4~7 4~6
Shelves Size 500*800mm 500*800mm
Shelves Spacing 80~45mm 105~65mm
Condenser Temp. -85C -85C
Condenser Capacity 20Kgs/24Hrs 20Kgs/24Hrs
Condenser Max 40Kgs 40Kgs
Final Vacuum <1Pa <1Pa
Power 11.5Kw 12Kw
Size (W*D*H) 1300*2200*2000mm 1300*2200*2300mm
Weight 1200Kgs 1300Kgs

Key Benefits

  • Combines many of the features of large freeze dry systems, scale to industrial system breezily.
  • Plug and play deliver.
  • Entirely stainless steel fabricated, hygienic processing.
  • Sandwich type plates, silicone oil based system. Shelves temperature flexible control, heating and chilling from -55C to +70C.
  • High shelves temperature uniformity <+/-1C, stunning dried quality guarantee.
  • Freeze drying recipes management system, proven repeatability and guarantees constant dried quality between batches.
  • Touch screen real-time displays system working status, product, shelf, condenser temperature and vacum degree.
  • Freeze drying data auto generate and downloadable.
  • Tray style shelves and stoppering shelves available. Shelf area up to 2.8m2.
  • Condenser temperature as low as -85C.
  • Final vacuum <1Pa.
  • BFD-20 fully customizable.
  • Functions customizable.

System Performance

  • Shelves temperature range -55C ~ +70C.
  • Shelves temperature variance <+/-1C.
  • Shelves cooling >1C/min (+20C ~ –40C < 60min).
  • Shelves heating >1C/min (–40C to +20C < 60min).
  • Shelves roughness Ra<0.6um.
  • Shelves flatness <+/-0.5mm/m.
  • Condenser Temp. final –85C.
  • Condenser cooling +20C to –40C < 30min.
  • System final vacuum <1Pa.
  • Chamber vacuumize to 1mbar < 30min.
  • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5×10-2mbarL/s.
  • Vacuum flexible adjust.

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