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Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers

FDL-TP Freeze Dryers

The Vikumer FDL-TP freeze dryers are stoppering tray dryers, mainly to lyophilize injectable formulations in pharmaceutical industry. Human and veterinary vaccines for example. Vaccine vials are placed on shelves in drying chamber, lyophilization and later capping under vacuum environment, to guarantee the drugs stability and extend its shelf life.

Meet GMP is the essential requirement of pharmaceutical lyophilizers, and so does the FDL-TP. Whatever machine design, control functions and document packages. The Vikumer FDL-TP fully meet GMP and 21CFR PART11 directives.

FDL-TP Pharmaceutical Stoppering Lyophilizer
5.4m2 Trays Area, 100L Condenser
Vials Capacity 2R*21000Pcs, or 6R*10800Pcs, or 10R*9250Pcs.
9.7m2 Trays Area, 200L Condenser
Vials Capacity 2R*37800Pcs, or 6R*19440Pcs, or 10R*16650Pcs.
19.8m2 Trays Area, 400L Condenser
Vials Capacity 2R*76725Pcs, or 6R*40392Pcs, or 10R*34100Pcs.
29.7m2 Trays Area, 600L Condenser
Vials Capacity 2R*114576Pcs, or 6R*60588Pcs, or 10R*51150Pcs.