FD-20L Freeze Dryer

19.8m2 trays area, 400kgs ice condenser capacity.


The Vikumer FD-20L freeze drying equipment was designed to process a large volume of products in a single batch. A general purpose shelf freeze dryer that capable of drying bulk materials in any forms. And is meet commercial and industrial bulk lyophilization tasks.

There are 12 plates in FD-20L shelf module, 11 are capable of products loading, the top 1 provide extra radiate heat. Per plates size 1200*1500mm, 11 plates offering total 19.8m2 shelf area. Coupling with an coils type condenser, which can collect more than 200kgs of water in 24hrs period. The FD-20L can process 200kgs raws (calculate by liquid loading, 10mm in trays).

For a hygienic freeze drying, all the accessories in drying chamber and condenser are S/S fabricated. Meet even the strictest requirements, whatever you are in biological or pharmaceutical industry. By select corrosion resistant material and oil free pumps, the machine also can use to freeze dry chemicals.

Control of the machine is through a user-friendly touch screen HMI, which is PLC based. Authorized FD-MEGA software was programmed in HMI, to assist operator precisely control of the freeze drying process, and monitoring system working status. Operator can select either automatic working or semi-automatic working, of course.

FD-20L Freeze Dryer

Technical Parameters

Model FD-20L
Shelves Area 19.8m2
No. of Shelves 11+1
Shelf Size 1200*1500mm
Shelf Spacing 50mm
Shelf Temp. -55C ~ +70C
Vacuum <1Pa
Condenser Capacity 200Kgs/24Hrs, 400Kgs Total
Condenser Temp. -85C
Power 75Kwh
Size 2300*7000*2600mm

Key Benefits

All in one design. All the components that involved with the operation of it well mount on a steel frame. Plug and play deliver.

Address to all industries, for bulk materials freeze drying. Allow raw material in any forms include, granular, liquid, powder, paste etc. Freeze drying in trays or prepackaged containers.

Freeze drying capacity refers to its water collect capacity in 24hours, that is, 200kgs for FD-20L. Recommend total water in raw material less than 200kgs, and allow maximum water in raw material 400kgs.

Raw product pre-freezing can be done in external freezer or inside freeze dryer. Shelves can freeze product as low as -50C.

Fully automatic freeze drying, from product pre-freezing to vacuum drying.

For each product, operator can program the corresponding/suitable freeze drying recipe.

Hundreds of recipes can be stored in control system and, for each recipe, operator can program up to 36 steps (individually set shelf temp. lasting hours and vacuum).

Shelves cooling and heating rate >1C/MIN. Condenser chill to -40C within 30MIN. Chamber pressure drop to 1mbar within 40MIN.

All components in drying chamber and condenser are stainless steel 304 fabricated, with state-of-the-art craftsmanship. CFC free compressor system. Sub systems and accessories are under international standard, easily to maintain and replace.

Allow operator set safety heating data, for example, vacuum low and high margin, shelf temperature margin, shelf temperature ramp reduce or raise, overheat alarm and heater power auto cut off.

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