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FD-20L-TP Freeze Dryer


FD-20L-TP large scale freeze dryer with 20m2 shelf area, 300L ice condenser capacity. Its ideal for factory mass production. We can build the machine according to your specification request, deliver documents need and help certification. Optional automatic loading/unloading system, CIP and SIP function.

Standard Technical Parameters

Model FD-20L-TP-CIP
Shelf Area 19.8m2
Ice Capacity 300L
Shelves 11+1
Shelf Size 1200*1500mm
Shelves Spacing 100mm
Trays 66EA
Shelf Temp. -50℃ to +70℃
Condenser Temp. -80℃
Vacuum <5Pa
Defrosting Water spray
Power Install 80kw
Size 7000*2000*2500mm
Bulk Loading Capacity 200L by 10mm
  300L by 15mm
Vials Capacity Dia.22mm >41000
Main material AISI316