Freeze Dryer

Freeze drying or lyophilization is a perfect way to remove moisture from products and cause very less damage to products itself, freeze drying also is one of the best recognized dehydration way in global (known of low temperature drying), freeze dryers could widely application in  commercial and industrial area, such as lab research, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, food, diary, nutraceutical, floral etc. Products dried by vacuum freeze drying method, its color, flavor, nutrition, texture well kept, after add water or other solvent, could rapidly rehydration and recovery to original.


Freeze dryer (also called lyophilizer or liofilizador, they are synonyms) system is the equipment to process freeze drying, same with other commercial and industrial machines, freeze dry machine also could classification, by capacity (smaller lab version capacity <10kg, commercial pilot production capacity <50kgs, industrial heavy duty capacity >100kgs), by applications (In Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biological, Food, Herbs, Fruit, Vegetables etc.) or by other method. And in principle, almost all freeze dryers are fully customized, because of the multiple technical requirement in industrials.


VIKUMER as one renowned freeze dryer supplier and manufacturer in China mainland, our freeze drying machine known of high quality and economic price, and we have been 20+ years in the field, current, we scientific designed series freeze dryer machines/lyophilizers fit you needs, offer factory standard model, as well customized service, our supply range from small/pilot investigation models till commercial and industrial heavy duty large scale production models, whether you will apply in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, diary, fruit or vegetables area, we can offer models that fit your freeze drying demand, please feel free contact us your requirement and get suitable and economic solutions, or check our category listed.


All our freeze drying systems provide worry-free services, Turn-key service for all models, from initial discuss to system design, produce, shipping, install, worker training, maintenance, parts replacement in future, lifetime technical support, as well we could help control your production cost.


The range lyophilizer unit capacity from 1kg to 2500kg, all models accept customized service, economic price for sale and control project cost to fit your budget requirement, designed and manufactured to meet your special specifications requirement, if you have suggestions or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Freeze Dryer Category & Models Compare

Lab Freeze Dryer

LGJ freeze dryers for lab experimental, portable, simple structure, easy move and install, various manifold accessories optional, 2L to 4L condenser capacity could fit any of your lab lyophilization requirement.


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LGJ laboratory freeze dryer

TypeBench TopFreestandingFreestanding
Trays Area0.08 ~ 0.12 m20.08 ~ 0.12 m20.09 ~ 0.27 m2
Condenser Capacity2L/4L2L/4L2L/4L
Condenser Temperature-55C/-80C-55C/-80C-55C/-80C
Manifold TypeA, B, C, D, E/TA, B, C, D, E/TA, B, C, D, E/T

LYO freeze dryer

Pilot Freeze Dryer

Floor type, self-contained, compact size, versatility and multi-function, ideal for lab research or small pilot production, the range freeze dryers combine many features of commercial&industrial larger models. Trays area 0.3 to 3m2, Condenser capacity up to 30L.

>> Floor Type LYO Pilot Freeze Dryer

>> Floor Model BFD Pilot Freeze Dryer

Trays Area0.3 ~ 0.6m20.7 ~ 1m21 ~ 1.4m22.2 ~ 3.2m2
Shelves3 to 54 to 66 to 85 to 7
Condenser Capacity5L/24hrs7L/24hrs10L/24hrs20L/24hrs
Condenser MAX6L10L15L30L
Condenser Temperature<-70C<-70C<-70C<-70C
Material LoadingBulk, StopperBulk, StopperBulk, StopperBulk

Trays Area0.68m21m21.2m2
Shelves Spacing1008060
Condenser Capacity16L/24hrs16L/24hrs16L/24hrs
Condenser Temperature<-80C<-80C<-80C

Tray Freeze Dryer

Tray freeze dryers designed for bulk loading/drying, all AISI304/316L material enable it could universal use in all industries, accept raw material in solid, fluid or mixture, Tray freeze dryers are hygienic and could safety freeze drying your product. Trays area 1 to 50m2, Condenser capacity up to 500L.

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tray freeze dryer

Trays Area5.25 ~ 9.75m210.5 ~ 19.5m219.8 ~ 30.6m229.7 ~ 45.9m248.6m2
Shelves7 ~ 134365911 ~ 1711 ~ 1718
Shelves Spacing40 ~ 100mm40 ~ 100mm40 ~ 100mm40 ~ 100mm40 ~ 60mm
Condenser Capacity100L200L300L400L600L
Condenser Temperature<-80C<-80C<-80C<-80C<-80C
Shelves Temperature-50 ~ +70C-50 ~ +70C-50 ~ +70C-50 ~ +70C-50 ~ +70C

Stopper freeze dryer

Stopper Freeze Dryer

Vikumer stopper Freeze Dryers designed fully meet cGMP standard, control system fit 21CFR part 11, we offer customized solutions and configurations fit your special request, economic price and strong technical support for your pharmaceutical freeze drying. Valid drying area 1 to 20m2, Condenser capacity up to 300L.

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Trays Area2.16m25.25 m210.5m219.8m2
Shelves Spacing100mm100mm100mm100mm
Condenser Capacity40L100L200L300L
Condenser Temperature<-80C<-80C<-80C<-80C
Shelves Temperature-50 ~ +70C-50 ~ +70C-50 ~ +70C-50 ~ +70C
Vials Capacity (Dia.22mm)>4300>10000>21000>41000

Food Freeze Dryer

Food freeze drying equipment from VIKUMER freeze dry are 100% trustable, whatever the machine reliability, freeze dried quality, freeze drying speed or its power consumption, our machine performance is excellent and could beat any brand in its class. Designed to fit your needs, we supply 2 versions machines: aluminum alloy shelves/trays or full stainless steel finished.

>> Food Freeze Dryer, Aluminum Shelves/Trays

>> Food Lyophilizer, Stainless steel Shelves/Trays

food freeze dryer

AISI304 Drying House, Aluminum Alloy Shelves/Trays, Radiation Heating

Trays Area1m22 m25.25m210.5m220m2
Shelves Spacing70mm70mm80mm80mm80mm
Condenser Capacity10L20L50L100L200L
Condenser Temperature<-45C<-45C<-45C<-45C<-45C

Trays Area29.9m250.8 m2100m2204m2
Shelves Spacing90mm90mm90mm90mm
Condenser Capacity400L600L1200L2500L
Condenser Temperature<-45C<-45C<-45C<-45C

AISI304 Drying House, Shelves and Trays, Conductive Heating.

Trays Area1m25.25m210.5m220m230m255.5m2
Shelves Spacing40-80mm40-80mm40-80mm40-80mm40-80mm40-80mm
Condenser Capacity10L50L100L200L300L500L
Condenser Temperature<-45C<-45C<-45C<-45C<-45C<-45C

freeze drying plant

Food Freeze Drying Plant

Rich experience in the field enable we help you scientific design complete freeze drying plant or factory, include but not limit with raw material cooling storage, quick freezing, storage freezing, freeze drying, packing, power distribution, water distribution, workshop decoration, air vent system, workshop temperature/moisture control system, door access system, sewage system etc.


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