General Purpose Freeze Dryers

Freeze Dry Large Volume of Bulk Materials

Vikumer’s FDL series general purpose freeze dryers are designed to perform bulk materials freeze drying (including but limited to heat sensitive aqueous, pastes, powders and suspensions), products are loaded in material trays in drying chamber, in-place freezing and drying.

The range freeze dryer features rectangular drying chamber that ensures ultimate temperature uniformity throughout the product chamber. Control accuracy of the shelves temperature is less than +/-1C, temperature difference between shelves are less than +/-1C, temperature difference between points of a shelf is less than +/-1C.

Vikumer provides standard general purpose freeze dryers with 2-chamber system, and single chamber system which is small footprint and economic price.

Various Models, Wide Applications

The FDL freeze dryers provide batch processing capacity from 50Kgs to 500Kgs (single machine), and can be parallelled to get larger capacity or for special use of different materials. All models have the similar technical performance and control interface, so that you can quick familiar with another FDL without repeat the learning process.

The FDL freeze dryers offer one of the broadest ranges of industry applications such as probiotics, bacteria, yogurt, enzymes, plant extracts and nutrients.

General Purpose Freeze Dryer FDL Series

2-Chamber system, external type ice condenser behind drying chamber. Hygiene processing environment, high temperature uniformity. Capacity up to 500kgs.

General Purpose Freeze Dryer FDLC Series

Single chamber system, internal type ice condenser beneath shelves. Small footprint, economic price. Capacity up to 100Kgs.

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A Lab-scale Freeze Dryer is Helpful!

Drying large volume of products without preliminary work (lab R&D such as: recipes development, process optimization, small batch trials) is a bit risky. The failure will result whole batch products damage, a lot energy waste, and profit loss.

If you are new in the industry, we recommend integrating a BFD series pilot unit into the project.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-2

Benchtop unit for lab R&D, up to 0.32m2 shelf area, 3Kgs condenser capacity.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-5

Freestanding unit for lab R&D and small batch trials, up to 0.43m2 shelf area, 5Kgs condenser capacity.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-10

Freestanding unit for lab R&D and scale up, up to 0.94m2 shelf area, 15Kgs condenser capacity.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-20

Freestanding unit for small scale production, up to 2.8m2 shelf area, 30Kgs condenser capacity.