Raw pet foods carry risks of bacterial contamination like salmonella and Escherichia coli, which can affect both pets and humans. Freeze dried pet food, through the unique sublimation process, removes almost all the moisture from the product under extreme vacuum conditions, which result dried pet food contains very low moisture (less than 5%), this increases its shelf life and reduces its weight, easy to store at room temperature for years, without oxidative deterioration.

And, freeze dried pet food preserves more of the nutritional content than traditional kibble, it provides essential nutrients to your dogs and cats, such as protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Freeze Dried Pet Food Advantages

Freeze dried pet food has become a popular choice for pet parents, it has incomparable advantages than other dehydrated pet food on market which includes:

  • Lightweight, moisture contains <5%.
  • Easy to store at room temperature.
  • Free from additives such as fillers, preservatives, flavors.
  • Nutritional, removes only water but leaves all the important nutrients of raws.
  • Digestible for pups.
  • Wide range of pet treats can be freeze dried, such as raw/cooked chicken, beef; formula snacks; protein bars etc.

Freeze Drying Pet Food Process

  1. Pre-treatment: mince, slice, cube, mix and mold the ingredient.
  2. Freezing: freeze the raw material.
  3. Drying: load the frozen material into freeze dryer machines.
  4. Pack: pack the dried products to bags.

Vikumer freeze dryers for pet food

Vikumer provides freeze drying equipment from small to large, to support your pet treat production line. And our machine allows you accurately control the drying process and record the drying data for later analyze and optimize.