Food Freeze Dryers

Freeze Drying Machines for the Food Industry, Large-scale Production

Vacuum freeze drying perfect fit food preservation. Make them light weight, easy to store and transport. Freeze-dried foods have tons of benefits than other dehydration methods which use high temperature. Such as great vitamin, color, flavor and nutrition protect. Shelf life of the freeze dried food can be several years at room temperature, no need to be refrigerated or preserve with chemicals. Due to the mentioned advantages, freeze dried food is more and more popular on market.

The increasing market demand requires freeze dried food manufactures are seeking for new freeze drying equipment to expand their production capacity, at a modest price and robust quality, of course. Vikumer, as an old brand in the industry, in earlier 2008, we’ve launched our FDR series freeze dryer into market that specially designed for food freeze drying at large scale.

Our FDR series food freeze dryers have been upgraded several times by listening to our customer’s feedback, making key changes and improvements where needed. Which result the FDR freeze drying equipment offers the just right system configuration, dry your products at minimum production cost, and is on stable and reliable basis.

Various Models, Wide Applications

The FDR freeze dryers provide batch processing capacity from 50Kgs to 2000Kgs (single machine), and can be parallelled to get larger capacity or for different food categories. All models have the similar technical performance and control interface, so that you can quick familiar with another FDR without repeat the learning process.

The FDR freeze dryer can process almost all food items, such as fruits, vegetables, coffee, prepared meals, dairy, candy, probiotics, nutrient, herbs, plant extracts, pet food etc.

FDRS Series Commercial Food Freeze Dryer

Small to medium capacity food freeze drying machines, batch loading from 50kgs to 300kgs. Integrated structure, conductive heating shelves.

FDR Series Industrial Food Freeze Dryer

Industrial large food freeze drying plant, batch loading from 500kgs to 2000kgs. Split structure, radiative heating shelves, auto loading unloading system.

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A Lab-scale Freeze Dryer is Helpful!

Drying large volume of products without preliminary work (lab R&D such as: recipes development, process optimization, small batch trials) is a bit risky. The failure will result whole batch products damage, a lot energy waste, and profit loss.

If you are new in the industry, we recommend integrating a BFD series pilot unit into the project.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-2

Benchtop unit for lab R&D, up to 0.32m2 shelf area, 3Kgs condenser capacity.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-5

Freestanding unit for lab R&D and small batch trials, up to 0.43m2 shelf area, 5Kgs condenser capacity.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-10

Freestanding unit for lab R&D and scale up, up to 0.94m2 shelf area, 15Kgs condenser capacity.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-20

Freestanding unit for small scale production, up to 2.8m2 shelf area, 30Kgs condenser capacity.