Pilot Freeze Dryer Apex-16

The Best Solution For Research Laboratories

Vikumer’s Apex-16 freeze dryer is designed fully meet cGLP principles and international standards. Assist investigators successfully complete laboratory R+D tasks and conduct small batch trials.

The Apex-16 pilot freeze dryer is a lab-scale freeze dryer which has the exactly same technical features and system performance to the LYO series commercial production freeze dryers. Such as the advanced control system, accurately temperature and pressure regulate, concept design and delicate production.

  • Shelf Area: 0.16~0.67m2

  • Condenser Capacity: 16Kgs/24Hrs

  • Condenser Temperature: -85C

Pilot Freeze Dryer Apex-16

Technical Parameters

Technical Features

The Apex-16 freeze dryer offers shelf area up to 0.67m2, condenser capacity 16kgs, perfect as a laboratory freeze dryer or a pilot production unit.

Standard Configuration

  • All-include structure with casters and height adjustable feet.
  • Powder coated steel cabinet with PMMA chamber and condenser door.
  • Compression door lock.
  • S/S316L made chamber, shelf, shelf bellows, trays and condenser.
  • Silicone oil based shelves, delicate designed fluid channels guarantee ultimate temperature uniformity.
  • Bottom to top, hydraulic stoppering device for vials closing under vacuum environment.
  • Large capacity ice condenser capable of removing 16kgs vapors in 24hrs.
  • Pneumtically operated valve for condenser isolate.
  • 2-stage oil sealed vacuum pump, with pressure regulate kit mounted on vacuum pipe.
  • Pirani vacuum gauge with filter.
  • Fully optimized, air cooled, cascade compressor system to cool shelves and condenser.
  • CFC free refrigerant.
  • PLC and user-friendly touch screen HMI based control system.
  • IQ, OPQ documents and validation package.

Options and Accessories

  • Stoppering device for vials closing under vacuum.
  • Dry vacuum pump.
  • Capacitive vacuum gauge.
  • Inert gas backfill package.
  • Eutectic point detector.
  • PC control.
  • Chart recorder.


  • Brochure Apex-16 EN V32268A4.pdf

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