Pilot scale freeze dryers are versatile and flexibility of use: can be used in laboratory for materials preservation, process development, cycle optimization; or in a pilot plant for batch stability test and preparation of scaling up.

The BFD-5 laboratory freeze dryer is a professional R+D units with minimum footprint and robust technical performance to perform small scale production. The machine has more functions than common laboratory lyophilizers, similar to industrial ones but with smaller size and capacity. Which means it is capable of doing all laboratory freeze dry jobs, and offers control versatility and accuracy.

Key benefits of BFD-5 include: PLC based control system, temperature controlled shelf, pressure regulatable, tailored solution, advanced technology and varies industries adaptable.

Whether you’re a professional laboratory, research institution, or a R+D center in a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company. The BFD-5 enables you to advance your research, boost new product development schedule, produce high quality freeze dried products on a pilot scale, and guarantee the consistent results between batches.

Technical Parameters

Model BFD-5
No. of Shelves 1~4
Shelf Area 0.1~0.43m2
Shelf Spacing 248~50mm
Shelf Size 400*277mm
Condenser Performance 5Kgs/24Hrs
Condenser Capacity 8Kgs
Final Vacuum 1Pa
Power Install 5.5Kw
Voltage 220V/50Hz/1P
Size Standard: W/1200*D/850*H/1650mm

Clean Room: W/900*D/1550*H/1850mm

Weight 400Kgs