The Vikumer FD-10R vacuum freeze dryer is an automatic food freeze drying machine, stainless steel freeze dryer for fruit and vegetables. Capable of drying all kinds of food, meals, fruits, vegetables, herbs and dairy products. Fit commercial heavy use, raw material batch loading around 100kgs.

Key Features

Fully Automatic Freeze Drying

Raw product placed on shelves in drying chamber, pre-freezing and later heating for sublimation drying. The process is fully automatic.

Powerful Control System

For each product, user can individual set its freeze drying time chart, and the system can store hundreds of recipes.

Specified product freeze drying, only need call up the corresponding recipe, control system will automatically execute it. This function guarantees maximum reproductivity.

During FD process, main screen graphically shows the key components working status, as well as key parameters like product temp. shelves temp. condenser temp. vacuum degree and current FD stages.

The system also allows operator to download the FD data to flash memory, excel or curve form. To complete your file system, which is the force request of Food and Drug Administrations.

Entirely SUS304 Made

High quality stainless steel 304 material ensure the long service life of freeze dryer, Avoid metal powder pollution due to the wear of trays loading/unloading, And guarantee the sanitary process as per Food Processing Directives.

High Energy Efficiency

Drying chamber and condenser wall fully insulated by PUF, all energy use for freeze drying, no waste.

During sublimation, the heating use PID technology, maximum the electric efficiency.

Low Labor Cost

Control of the freeze dry system is through a touch screen HMI, unless for maintenance, no need workers go to machinery room for manually operate.

For example: All valves that use to isolate air and water are pneumatically, a click on touch screen, the valve can close or open. Include vacuum break, condenser defrost water in/overflow/discharge.

Technical Parameters

Model FD-10R/FD-10RS
Nominated Capacity 100Kgs Per Batch
Shelves Area 9.72m2
No. of Shelves 9+1
Shelf Size 900*1200mm
Shelf Spacing 50mm
Shelf Temp. -35C ~ +70C
Vacuum <15Pa
Condenser 100kgs/24Hrs, 150kgs Total
Condenser Temp. -45C
Power 22Kwh
Size 1500*5000*2100mm

Additional Features

Freezing Inside Freeze Dryer

All the plates of shelf module can be chilled to -35C lowest during pre-freezing stage, and can be heated up to +70C during sublimation stage.

Precise Temperature Control Means High Quality Freeze Drying

All plates Temp. variance <+/-2C, this guarantees the constant drying quality between trays and between batches.

Reliable System

All parts that installed in the FDR system are based on international standard, which means you can find the replacement in local market easily, as per maintenance needs.