Industrial Large Production Freeze Drying Plant

The Vikumer FDR series freeze drying plants suit industrial large production of food items, such as fruits, vegetables, plants, cooked meals and commercial areas.

Our FD-50R freeze dryer is the most popular model that suit industrial factories for bulk production, nominated batch load capacity 500kgs and drying cycle no more than 24hrs.

Recently, Vikumer deliver 1 set FD-50R to customer, which is based on luxury configuration, world top brands for all components, durable and long lifespan.

Technical Spec.

Model FD-50R
Shelves Area 50.8m2
No. of Shelves 8+1 (2 Modules)
Shelf Size 610*4950mm
Shelf Spacing 100mm
Shelf Temp. RT ~ +100C
Vacuum <15Pa
Condenser Capacity 500Kgs/24Hrs, 800Kgs Total
Condenser Temp. -45C
Power 125Kwh
Footprint 8*8m

Technical Features

  • Split structure, deliver by pieces and in-site install.
  • Stainless steel drying chamber, cylindrical shape.
  • Slide door.
  • Aluminum alloy shelves and trays, radiative heating.
  • 2 modules shelves, mirror install in drying chamber.
  • Floor type trolleys for material trays transfer, quick loading/unloading.
  • Internal ice condenser, beneath shelves.
  • IQF room for raw product quick pre-freezing.
  • Leybold vacuum system, 2 sets oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump and 2 sets roots pump.
  • Bitzer screw compressors 2 sets, water cooling method.
  • SIEMENS PLC and user-friendly HMI based control system, Schneider electric parts, industrial FD-MEGA control software.
  • Documents and validation package.