Commercial Freeze Dryer for Food Industry

Vikumer’s FD-5R freeze dryer is a small commercial freeze drying equipment that designed especially to handle food items. Apply to food sector such as freeze dried fruit, vegetables, cooked soups, snacks and prepared meals.

The FD-5R is a batch production unit, suggest 50kgs per load which guarantees cost-effective freeze drying. Recently, Vikumer deliver 1 set FD-5R to customer, tailor-made, economical configuration to meet user’s limit budget.

Technical Spec.

Model FD-5R
Nominated Capacity 50Kgs Per Batch
Shelves Area 4.8m2
No. of Shelves 9+1
Shelf Size 600*900mm
Shelf Spacing 50mm
Shelf Temp. -35C ~ +70C
Vacuum <15Pa
Condenser 50kgs/24Hrs, 75kgs Total
Condenser Temp. -45C
Power 15Kwh
Size 1300*2800*2100mm

Technical Features

  • All-in-one structure, easy to ship and to install. User only need connect electric and water.
  • Assembled and tested before shipment.
  • Stainless steel drying chamber with insulation.
  • Hinged door with DN150 sight glass.
  • Internal ice condenser, coils beneath shelves.
  • Condenser hot gas defrosting.
  • Aluminum alloy shelves and trays, conductive heating.
  • Shelves temperature uniformity <+/-2C, high freeze dried quality between trays.
  • Shelves can be heated and chilled, which means raw product in-place freezing is possible.
  • 2 stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump is use to maintain chamber pressure.
  • Pirani type vacuum sensor.
  • Vacuum control set, auto regulate chamber pressure to set point.
  • Water cooled, semi-hermetic compressor system.
  • Advanced PLC and user-friendly HMI based control system, industrial FD-MEGA control software.
  • Documents and validation package include in standard offer.