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Vikumer Tray Freeze Dryer For Chemical Shipped

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Tray Freeze Dryers Customized freeze dryer FD-10L shipped. The system was fabricated specialize in freeze drying chemicals, valid trays area 10 square meters, couple ......

The Right Way To Freeze Dry Blueberries

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Blueberries are popular fruit in worldwide, dehydrate blueberry with freeze drying technology no ruin its nutrient elements. Great improve its storability and convenience of ......

Differences Between Home Freeze Dryers and Commercial Freeze Dryers

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Many customers asked the differences between home freeze dryers and commercial freeze dryers. Especially when they try to select one small freeze drying machine, ......

Tray Shelf Freeze Dryers Are The Right Ones For Probiotics and Chemicals

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Introduction The application of freeze drying for biological, probiotics, chemical and bulk pharmaceutical is a well established practice. Remove water from the products without ......

General Purpose Tray Freeze Dryer Quick Reference

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Shelf Freeze Dryer Machine The Vikumer FDL Tray style freeze dryers are general purpose lyophilization equipment, designed to perform large scale industrial freeze drying ......

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