Tray Freeze Dryers

Customized freeze dryer FD-10L shipped. The system was fabricated specialize in freeze drying chemicals, valid trays area 10 square meters, couple with a -85C condenser, 100L/24hrs vapor collect capacity.

Main Characters:

  • 10sq.m trays area, 100L/24hrs condenser.
  • Entirely S/S316L fabricated.
  • Double chamber system, condenser isolate by DN400 valve which is pneumatically operated.
  • 2 sets BITZER 2 stage compressor based refrigeration system, for shelves chilling -55C while pre-freezing stage, condenser chilling -85C while sublimation stage.
  • 2 sets EDWARDS 2 stage oil pump, 1 set EDWARDS roots pump, each pump has individual isolation valve. Vacuum adjustable.
  • PC control, control software meet 21 CFR Part 11.