Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers

The Vikumer FDL-TP are large scale freeze dryers, especially designed for production of high value pharmaceutical products. Suit freeze drying of vaccines and injectable formulations, aseptic production in vials or bulk medicines in trays.

FDL-TP lyophilizers are modular structure, that door can be installed through the clean room wall, systems which in machinery room is easy to maintain. Entire freeze dry system fully meet GMP directives, and control system programmed according to 21CFR Part11.


  • Injectable formulations
  • Human vaccines
  • Pharmaceutical drugs, pills, API
  • Veterinary vaccines
  • Penicillin
  • Serum
  • Blood products
  • Biology activity ingredients


  FD-5L-TP FD-10L-TP FD-20L-TP FD-30L-TP
Shelves Area 5.4m2 10.5m2 19.8m2 29.7m2
No. of Shelves 5+1 7+1 11+1 11+1
Shelf Size 900*1200mm 1000*1500mm 1200*1500mm 1500*1800mm
Spacing 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm
Shelf Temp. -55C ~ +70C -55C ~ +70C -55C ~ +70C -55C ~ +70C
Vacuum <1Pa <1Pa <1Pa <1Pa
Condenser 100Kgs 200Kgs 400Kgs 600Kgs
Condenser Temp. -85C -85C -85C -85C
Power 28Kwh 60Kwh 82Kwh 91Kwh
Size (mm)



2300*6800*3500 2500*7500*4000
Vials Capacity 2R *21000
6R *10800
10R *9250
2R *37800
6R *19400
10R *16650
2R *76725
6R *40392
10R *34100
2R *114576
6R *60588
10R *51150

System Performance

  • Shelves Temp. -55C ~ +70C .
  • Shelves cooling >1C/min (+20C ~ –40C < 60min).
  • Shelves heating >1C/min ( –40C to +20C < 60min).
  • Shelves temperature variance <+/-1C.
  • Shelves roughness Ra<0.6um.
  • Shelves flatness <+/-0.5mm/m.
  • Condenser Temp. final –85C.
  • Condenser cooling +20C to –40C < 30min.
  • System final vacuum <1Pa.
  • Chamber vacuumize to 0.1mbar < 30min.
  • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5×10-2mbarL/s.
  • Vacuum adjustable.


For all models, high advanced PLC and user friendly HMI based control system is installed. It has the functions of:

  • Graphic display system working status.
  • Freeze drying recipes management.
  • Real-time freeze drying curve.
  • Freeze drying data & curve review, print and download.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working select.
  • Users and authorization management.
  • Alarms and debug model.

Options and Customization

  • CIP, SIP.
  • Backups for compressor, vacuum pump, fluid circulating pump.
  • Drying chamber air filter.
  • Pneumatically chamber door lock.
  • Shelves spacing changeover.
  • Dry vacuum pumps.
  • SCADA control package.
  • Documents and validation package.
  • Lyophilizer in site install and debug service.

Vikumer as one of the most influential lyophilizer manufacturers in China, we can satisfy any of your demand. Create feasible lyophilization solution and offer the right freeze drying machines. Any we can help, please feel free to contact us.