Laboratory Freeze Dryer

The LGJ-10 laboratory freeze dryer is a tabletop lyophilizers for lab research. It is easy to use that controlled by a touch screen HMI. A simply click on the screen, to active compressor and vacuum pump, the freeze drying process will start. The screen graphic displays drying curve, and can export to USB flash memory. And it is versatile that can dry raw mateial in trays, vials or flasks.

Technical Spec.

Model LGJ-10 (-55C)
Size w/o Chamber 640*420*350mm
Power 1340W
Condenser Temp. -55C
Condenser Capacity 3Kgs/24Hrs
Final Vacuum <5Pa

Technical Features

  • Benchtop design.
  • Side mounted vacuum port.
  • Vacuum pump connects freeze dryer by hose and quick clamp.
  • 2-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump.
  • Freeze dryer and drying chamber 2 part. Easy assemble and maintain.
  • Vertical cylindrical, smooth wall type ice condenser.
  • 3kgs vapor collect capacity.
  • -55C condenser temperature.
  • Stainless steel 304 condenser.
  • Condenser can use for raw material freezing, freezing rack provide.
  • 7″ Full color touch screen monitor:
    • Real time display ice condenser & raw material temperature and vacuum degree.
    • Freeze drying curve and history curve display and exportable to U disk.
  • Manual vacuum break valve.
  • Manual defrosted water discharge valve.