Laboratory Freeze Dryer

The LGJ-10 -80C benchtop freeze dryer was developed to meet the most demanding requirements of laboratory research. A compact table-top unit incorporate outstanding technical performance.

Designed have considered the diverse need of lab experimental, the LGJ-10 freeze dryer is coupling with a replaceable drying chamber, that enable researchers drying products in trays or in glass bottles.

Technical Spec.

Model LGJ-10 (-80C)
Size w/o Chamber 520*685*525mm
Power 1520W
Condenser Temp. -80C
Condenser Capacity 4Kgs/24Hrs
Final Vacuum <5Pa

Technical Features

  • Benchtop design.
  • Side mounted vacuum port.
  • Vacuum pump connects freeze dryer by hose and quick clamp.
  • 2-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump.
  • Freeze dryer and drying chamber 2 part. Easy assemble and maintain.
  • Vertical cylindrical, smooth wall type ice condenser.
  • 3kgs vapor collect capacity.
  • -55C condenser temperature.
  • Stainless steel 304 condenser.
  • Condenser can use for raw material freezing, freezing rack provide.
  • 7″ Full color touch screen monitor:
    • Real time display ice condenser & raw material temperature and vacuum degree.
    • Freeze drying curve and history curve display and exportable to U disk.
  • Manual vacuum break valve.
  • Manual defrosted water discharge valve.