Lab Research Freeze Dryers

The Vikumer LGJ Research freeze dryers are designed to handle the lyophilization needs of research laboratories. They are small and compact, but they come with robust technical features and outstanding system performance.

By connect different chambers and manifold systems, they are multipurpose for freeze drying products in flasks, vials, ampoules or bulk, meet any requirements in the research and development field.

Models Comparation

Model LGJ-10 (-55C) LGJ-10 (-80C)
Size w/o Chamber 615*450*370mm 850*680*410mm
Power 1340W 1520W
Condenser Temp. -55C -80C
Condenser Capacity 3L 4L
Final Vacuum <5Pa <5Pa
Model LGJ-20 (-55C) LGJ-20 (-80C) LGJ-20 (-120C)
Size w/o Chamber 580*500*720mm 770*550*720mm 770*550*720mm
Power 1340W 1520W 1700W
Condenser Temp. -55C -80C -120C
Condenser Capacity 3L 4L 6L
Final Vacuum <5Pa <5Pa <5Pa

Drying Chamber Selection

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D

Type E

Type T

Controller and Functions

For all models, easy-to-use touch screen controller is installed.

  • It real-time displays the condenser temperature, samples temperature and the vacuum level.
  • Enable user check & download history data and curve.

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