Vikumer finished the production of 2xFD-200R, now the project move to install period.

The customer is a large freeze dried fruit factory, they provide all kinds of FD fruit as per client requirement. Because their heavy production, equipment will working nearly 300 days annually, so they care the freeze drying plant reliability a lot. As well as the energy efficient, to help reduce production cost.

Comprehensive comparation, they select Vikumer as their freeze drier supplier. First stage, 2 sets FD-200R plant for trial.

The FD-200R freeze drier capable of drying all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cooked soups etc. any food you want to FD, it can. In the drying chamber, total 476pcs material trays at 610*710mm each, is for raw product loading. Which means total 206 square meters trays area.

Model: FD-200R

Trays Area: 206 sq.m

Trays Quantity: 476pcs

Trays Size: 610*710mm

Industrial large food freeze dryer