By preset a freeze drying recipe (or freeze drying steps) into the controller, freeze dryer lyophilizer will fully automatic working, no worker is needed to monitoring the machine all the time. A fully optimized freeze drying recipe help you save drying time and reduce production cost each batch.

For industrial bulk production, the recipe research/optimization can be gradual simultaneously with freeze drying, or finished before industrial freeze drying equipment install.

A floor type (professional range) laboratory level freeze dryer is ideal for the freeze drying recipe research, as its small, low energy consumption and similar performance with industrial unit.

Lab freeze dryers mostly with small loading volumes, that means user no need worries the (both energy and raw product) lose once freeze drying fail which is very common in recipe research stage.

Once the research finished, freeze drying recipe can direct use in industrial machines (or with very tiny adjust), as the lab dryer system performance is very similar with industrial one.

If the user doesn’t have a lab or a lab freeze dryer, then trial with the industrial freeze dryer is the only choice. The key to success is temperature control, need slowly give energy to frozen product enable solid water can sublimate to vapor and escape. If more energy gives, the frozen product may melt, opposite, less energy will cause longer drying time. So proper give energy is the key to program a freeze drying recipe. For example:

-30C 2hrs
-20C 1hr
-10C 1hr
0C 1hr
+10C 2hrs
+20C 5hrs
+30C 10hrs
+40C 2hrs.

Different product has different drying curve, so the drying recipe research work cannot be done in short period, if your production covers more products.