Benchtop freeze dryer LGJ-10 is a small laboratory unit, designed to perform lab experiment. This machine is small size, easy to operate and high performance.

To start a freezing drying project, in laboratory stage, a portable scientific freeze dryer with inexpensive price is the best choice. It neither need a lot space to install, nor complex to operate. The LGJ-10 freeze dryers are special designed to meet these demands.

The LGJ-10 lab freeze dryer was specially designed to meet the demands of research institutes, where basic research is needed. And is incorporating with outstanding technical features and the most demanding functions.

Available condenser temperature -55C and -80C, can meet most products lyophilization requirements. And offer 6 types drying chamber, operator can select as per needs.

LGJ-10 Models and Parameters

Model LGJ-10 (-55C) LGJ-10 (-80C)
Size w/o Chamber 640*420*350mm 520*685*525mm
Power 1340W 1520W
Condenser Temp. -55C -80C
Condenser Capacity 3Kgs/24Hrs 4Kgs/24Hrs
Final Vacuum <5Pa <5Pa

Drying Chambers

Drying Chamber Type A

Type A

Drying Chamber Type B

Type B

Drying Chamber Type C

Type C

Drying Chamber Type D

Type D

Drying Chamber Type E

Type E

Drying Chamber Type T

Type T