LGJ-20 Freeze Dryers

The LGJ-20 laboratory freeze dryers are floor type, designed specially to lyophilize ultra low eutectic point materials. The vapor collect condenser temperature can reach -120C, thus, they installed a lot in drugs and chemical research centers.

There are 3 main components in LGJ-20 freeze dryer: Main body, Drying chamber and vacuum pump. Each of them can be quick dismounted for maintain or replace as per investigation needs.

Control of the freeze dryer is by a 7” touch screen. It real-time displays condenser temperature, product temperature and vacuum degree. You can also download the data to flash memory.

Technical Spec.

Model LGJ-20(-55C) LGJ-20(-80C) LGJ-20Plus
Condenser Capacity 3Kgs/24Hrs 4Kgs/24Hrs 6Kgs/24Hrs
Condenser Temp. -55C -80C -55C/-80C/-120C
Final Vacuum <5Pa <5Pa <5Pa
Power 1340W 1520W 1700W
Size w/o Chamber 580*500*720mm 770*550*720mm 770*550*720mm

Drying Chambers

Drying Chamber Type A

Type A

Drying Chamber Type B

Type B

Drying Chamber Type C

Type C

Drying Chamber Type D

Type D

Drying Chamber Type E

Type E

Drying Chamber Type T

Type T

Technical Features

  • Floor model design.
  • Freeze dryer and drying chamber 2 part. Easy assembly and maintenance.
  • Vertical cylindrical, smooth wall type ice condenser.
  • Up to 6kgs vapor collect capacity.
  • -55C, -80C and -120C condenser temperature.
  • Stainless steel condenser.
  • Condenser can use for raw material freezing, freezing rack provide.
  • Vacuum pump individual install besides freeze dryer.Vacuum pump connect freeze dryer by hose and quick loop.
  • 7″ Full color touch screen monitor:
  • Real time display ice condenser & raw material temperature and vacuum degree.
  • Freeze drying curve and history curve display and exportable to U disk.
  • Manual vacuum break valve.
  • Manual defrosted water discharge valve.