Commercial Flake Ice Maker

Vikumer produces a range of commercial flake ice maker machines daily capacity from 100kgs to 500kgs.
The flake ice is soft, clean, food grade and can quickly chill products to desired temperature.


Flake ice is crushed like, sanitary, dry, soft, clean and sub-cooled temperature. It quickly cools products without damage them. Thus, flake ice is perfect for retail display, cooling and fresh keeping of fish, meat and seafood. The larger surface area of flake ice guarantees good contact with products that being chilled. Flake ice also can use in food processing procedures, quickly remove heat to meet technical requirement. For example, sauce and bakery industry, flake ice mix into can quick control the temperature. And the flake ice will not damage to processing equipment.

The Vikumer commercial series flake ice machines produce superior quality flake ice with maximum efficiency and reliability. Available daily capacity up to 500kgs and is entirely stainless steel 304 finished.

A large screen is mounted on machine front panel, to control and monitor the ice flake maker working status. Self-developed ice evaporator is stainless steel made, and is super craftsmanship with 2nd generation sealing technology, and maintenance free bearing. Long life guarantee. Ice extruded is granular type, like crushed ice. Dry and low temperature -8C~-10C.

Our commercial ice flakers have been tested perfect working fit industrial heavy use 7*24.

Commercial Flake Ice Maker Machine
Flake Ice

Technical Parameters

Model IM-200 IM-300 IM-500
Ice Capacity 200kgs/24hrs 300kgs/24hrs 500kgs/24hrs
Ice Storage 150Kgs 150Kgs 300Kgs
Power Install 1100w 1300w 1650w
Voltage 110V/220V 110V/220V 110V/220V
Machine Size 625*570*720mm 625*570*720mm 820*560*900mm
Ice Bin Size 715*650*800mm 715*650*800mm 830*590*900mm
Weight 150Kgs 160Kgs 300Kgs

Product Features

  • S/S304 exterior.
  • Automatic ice production with failure protection.
  • Digital controller.
  • Ice machine with ice bin full sensor.
  • Food grade material for ice and water contact part.
  • Air cooled compressor system.
  • Self-developed ice evaporator with exclusive sealing technology.
  • Stainless steel ice evaporator.