Ice Maker Machine

Vikumer flake ice machines produce soft, sanitary and sub-cooled flake ice for various applications.
Available machine daily capacity from 50kgs to 500kgs.


In order to boost your business healthy growth and maintain a positive brand awareness, it is essential to ensure a safe raw material storage and processing environment to prevent any perishes in the final product that may otherwise damage your brand.

Flake ice, as the most popular medium for cooling application, it has the unparalleled advantages that help to preserve your raw product. The most matter is the ice is under food grade, health enough for consume or mix into product.

The IM range flake ice machines provide satisfaction for specific needs in commercial and industrial field. Designed upon various requirements from small to large amount ice need, perform ultimate completion of ice making with stability and efficiency.

Small Flake Ice Maker 50Kgs to 100Kgs
Small Flake Ice Maker 200Kgs to 500Kgs

Technical Parameters

Model IM-100 IM-200 IM-300 IM-500
Ice Capacity 100kgs/24hrs 200kgs/24hrs 300kgs/24hrs 500kgs/24hrs
Ice Storage 40Kgs 150Kgs 150Kgs 300Kgs
Power Install 500w 1100w 1300w 1650w
Voltage 110V/220V 110V/220V 110V/220V 110V/220V
Machine Size 550*590*860mm 625*570*720mm 625*570*720mm 820*560*900mm
Ice Bin Size / 715*650*800mm 715*650*800mm 830*590*900mm
Weight 72Kgs 150Kgs 160Kgs 300Kgs

Available Ice Types

Flake Ice and Granular Ice