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How to freeze drying product by a freeze dryer?

How to freeze drying product by a freeze dryer?

Freeze drying lyophilizer control system is designed to process lyophilization automatically. Which means after you place raw products into drying chamber, the equipment can automatic execute the freeze drying steps (one step finish, the next step automatic start), till drying end.


Vikumer freeze drying machines provide you such confidence, One-key start & auto freeze drying support. The machine delivery with complete controller package (Both hardware and authorized software), plug-and-play.


By use of a Vikumer freeze dryer lyophilizer, your freeze drying will be very simple:

Freeze drying steps:

  1. Place raw material into drying chamber.
  2. Operate freeze dryer and start.
  3. Drying finish, machine stand by.
  4. Dried product harvest and packing.
  5. Condenser defrosting and prepare another batch.

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