Freeze Dried Food

For the past few years, in dehydrated food market, Freeze Dried Food category, absolutely is the superstar. It appears in consumer market not long time, but rapid popular in global area, the demand is raising continuously. The reason is simple: Freeze dried food are healthy!

While other drying method use high temperature to remove water, which definitely will damage product’s vitamin, flavor, taste and nutritient. Freeze dried food use vacuum freeze drying technoloyg, which is a low temperature drying method.

Feeze drying removes water by freezing the raw material, and then reduce its surround pressure, to enable the solid water sublimate direct from solid phase to gas phase. During the drying process, no influence or damage to raw material at all.


  • Freeze dried food is light weight, easy storage and transport.
  • No nutrient content loose after dried, no shrink or shape change.
  • The only different between fresh and freeze dried food is the water.
  • Do not need to be refrigerated or preserved with chemicals, store at room temp. and shelf life up to 10+ years.
  • Can be reconstituted quickly and easily by adding water.
  • Nearly all food products can be dried successful.

What Food Can Freeze Drying

Nearly all food products can be freeze drying.

Easpecially fit seasonal fruit or perishable products. Freeze drying is a perfect way to preserve them and add values. And to meet the market demand, contract manufacturers have developed many freeze dried food, like meals, noodles, fruit, meat etc.

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meats (beef, pork, poultry, fish. raw and cooked)
  • Dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream)
  • Eggs (raw and cooked)
  • Full Meals
  • Deserts, Snacks, and Candy
  • Drinks (juice)
  • Herbs and Spices

Key Points Need Pay Attention To During Freeze Drying

1, Don’t mix food in freeze dryer.

Foods with different heat sensitivity, which means, during drying process, the energy supply in different drying stage will be different (In another word, they request different shelf temperatures). Mix loading may cause half dry, half wet. Moreover, it may cause “Ordor taint”.

2, Program the suitable freeze drying steps.

Freeze drying steps absolutely is important, because a fully optimized freeze drying step help you short the batch duration and save a lot energy, of course. The most important is it help you get the highest freeze dried quality.

3, Take care of the temperature.

Too much energy supply in a short time may burn the raw material(carbonize) or melt the frozen products, cause freeze drying fail. But too less energy will extend the drying time and waste electric. So find out the products’ eutectic point/collapse temp. and pay attention to the product real-time temperature and vacuum degree is helpful to make adjustment of the heat supply.

4, High fat, sugar and oil contain products not suit freeze drying.

Products like syrup, pure chocolate, pure honey and butter etc. is not easy to dry.