Freeze Dryer For Bulk Materials

The general purpose freeze dryer was designed special for bulk materials freeze drying. Vikumer’s FDL lyophilizers are the ones. This dryer offers several plates which enable material & trays to be placed, raw products can be chilled and later heated for sublimation and drying. Entire freeze drying is in-place finish, less material transfer, low cross contamination risk. As well as low labor cost and time.

Quite a lot industries need dry their products without degrade. Absolutely, vacuum freeze drying, as the only one method that can deliver, stable, bio-activity and long shelf life dried, is the 1st choice. We can say freeze dryer lyophilizer is the best machine to process dehydration.

Most important is Vikumer’s FDL freeze drying equipment, can apply to all industries. Whatever your material is liquid or irregular shape, you can freeze dry it. And the process is very simple, just put it in trays in drying chamber, operate machine to automatic dry it.

The FD-5L freeze dryer is a small unit, it can handle 50kgs to 70kgs raws. Which means it fits commercial small scale production.

Model FD-5L
Total Shelf Area 5.25m2
Shelves Number 7 + 1
Shelf Size 750*1000mm
Temp. Range -55C ~ +70C
Main Material S/S304 or 316L
Water Collect >100kgs/batch
Fit Material Bulk materials. Solid, Liquid, Paste, Powder etc.
Machine Power 25kwh
Size W1500*L2600*H2000mm

Application examples: Bacteria, enzymes, food additives, starter culture, pharma, chemicals and biological elements.